An introspection through the books I read

2015 is flying by and although a sense of nostalgia and melancholy envelops me in these last days,I am sure that I am about to end a beautiful,inspiring,life changing and important chapter of my own book.I learned a lot,loved a lot,lived fully and loved every second.It surely and completely holds a big part in my heart and soul,because it was,also,the year when I decided I wanted to do more things for myself.I had a strong desire to know me better,to discover my true identity and to find answers to my own complicated and missunderstood questions.So,I read.A lot.From iconic and classics like “Wuthering Heights”to a bunch of psychological and self-development books,which truly made me evolve,spiritually,mentally and emotionally,in a way I couldn’t imagined.

I am grateful for all the memories and I proudly admit that these incredibly poweful books I get to discover piece by piece have expanded my horizons of thinking,feeling and seeing the world I am living in.I realized that nothing,absolutely nothing is impossible if you believe and fight with your whole being for it.The road could be difficult,challenging,unsure,unpredictable,but worth every sacrifice and endeavour.Hope you’ll see this one day.

So,focusing on the books I had the absolute pleasure to read throughout this eventful and bittersweet year,let me tell you some of them which are totally worth reading at least once.Buckle up,they’re not few.Just open your mind and heart.

     “Maitreyi” by Mircea Eliade –Actually,is the first book I’ve started 2015 with.The reason? HighSchool.

Okay,I know what you’re all thinking right now,highschool books are boring,useless and clearly annoying.We do not have much time to read them entirely and the pressure which exists due to a test paper or class listening often gets a hold on us.The perception that have been created nowadays which says that these kind of books are worthless and are given to us mostly to make our lives more miserable is strongly met at everyone my age.I understand it,I sometimes identify with it,but the fact is that it is not always the case.

I discovered in “Maytreyi” a captivating,fascinating,intense and real love story,between two simple people,but whose emerging relationship was always blocked and impended by prejudices,judgements and culture,social and age differences.It all seemed pointless,like their love will never be able to blossom or even be possible.Who would have thought that an English and typical engineer like Alan could have one of the most beautiful women from India like Maytreyi? They didn’t match,had total opposites backgrounds and the world just didn’t was on their side.

The thing that I truly loved was the irony of fate.Their love was born from hate,disgust and repugnance.Crazy to see that the person you believe you’ll never want to have in your life could become an essential part of you and to observe how their resistance towards each other pulled them closer and eventually turned into a consuming,inevitable and everlasting love.

Although the ending was neither clichรฉs nor happy,I knew that their bound could never be broken by anything.Not even by death.

     “Wuthering Heigths” by Emily Bronte -certainly,one of the best and most intriguing books I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.I had heard so many controversial things about it,so many conceptions,theories,thoughts that I knew I had to try it myself and see what my own vision tells me.

Being an iconic book,I highly doubt you didn’t read it by now.For those who don’t though,let me tell you is about an unfinished yet consuming,poweful,dramatic and intense love between two unfortunate lovers, Heatcliff and Catherine Earnshaw.We get to live and envision this one of a kind story from the eyes of Mr. Lockwood,the novel’s narrator.He is also,a witness of the events of the book,because he began his storytelling by moving to Thruscross Grange,a quiet and peaceful place where he met the main characters of his creation.

Both with a wild soul,Catherine,born and raised like a real lady,loses all her senses when she meets Heatcliff.Same as Romeo and Juliet,the two of them end up dying from love,leaving behind a lot of questions and contradictory feelings for the fascinated readers.

The relationship between Heatcliff and Catherine breaks all the barriers of love and mentalities imposed by those times.The exceptional novel easily stands out from the other masterpieces through the weight of suffering and misery that the two partners endure,but especially because their emotions and inner feelings were exposed through fierceness,cruelty,violency and pain.

Their love turned out to be destructive,but totally worth discovering and feeling it with passion.

PS:It’s worth watching the ecranisation of this masterpiece from 1939.It really put me into perspective and I loved it,but not as much as the book itself.

       “The call of the wild” by Jack London -I don’t know if I had a deeper connection with any other book than I had with this one.I read it at least twice  and I loved it more and more everytime.

Firstly,I was stunned by its authenticity,realism and naturalism.As the title subtly suggests,the story is centered on one of the most beautiful forms of love that exists:the one between a dog,Buck and a human,his savior,Jack Thornton.Being an animal lover,I think it’s one of the reasons this book got to me so easily.

From the moment Buck is kidnapped from his lord’s home,he knew his life will never be the same.Living life like a spoiled and well treated dog will no longer exists.

The series of adventures,tragedies and events of Buck’s life after that unfortunate incident made me fell hopelessly in love with this book.Even when he met his savior,Jack who established such a strong and unbreakable bound between the two of them,Buck felt that he couldn’t ignore anymore the wilderness’s calling,finally leaving the civilisation behind.

     “A new life in ten days” by Paul McKenna – An eye-opening book,the first one of self-development and psychological as well that I read this year.I wasn’t dissapointed.It’s so good.

It puts a lot of emphasis on the inner you,on your inner feelings,thoughts and struggles.
It’s a book you won’t regret reading.I can tell you won’t be able to put it down from your hands.

I learned so many precious lessons,I responded to my endless series of questions and I figured out what life is truly about.

One of them,with a significant importance, certainly is how could you be succesful and obtain that sense of fullfiment in your life? Well,in order to become one,you have to believe it with all your being.You have to know you are worth it and you really matter.Also,it is absolutely necessary an inner balance between your body,mind and soul.Success doesn’t exist without feeling truly happy,content and peaceful with yourself.

One of the best lessons I’ve learned so far is that the true wealth of life is the one that comes from the inside,accumulated through pleasant,lovely and priceless experiences with your beloved ones.If you allow your mind,body and soul to feel and be aware of all of them,you’ll made it because you have discovered the total,pure and sincere happiness.Don’t lose it.

You decide how you want to spend your life. 

Besides these wonderful books,I would highly recommend you a few others,including:

  • “10 interesting things about human behaviour” – Suzanne Davis
  • “Always know what to say” – Peter Murphy
  • “Change as opportunity” – Ralph Bruksos
  • “Dress for success” – Jenny Coo-Wu
  • “Karma de fiecare zi” – Carmen Harra. Such a revolutionary book.You will perceive life through another eyes after reading this.Trust me.

17 things I learned while being 17

Being a teenager could be in a lot of ways,but certainly isn’t as easy as we were told or as we dreamed about when we were younger.Although the desire to grow up faster could be seen at almost every child in the world,this conception is,in reality,missunderstood.We often have the feeling or even a random thought that sparkles in our minds which tells us that perhaps,by growing up,we will receive the freedom of choice we crave or believe we want to.Looking back to our childhood days,we sadly realise that this is not as true as we initially thought.Being fully responsible and aware of our actions and feelings is hardly portrayed as a craving.It is most likely to feel scared of actually being in control and that could lead you to a full series of mistakes,in your search of doing,as most people like to call,”the right thing to do”.Truth is the right thing does not exist.It is actually what your heart and soul tell you through your inner voice.Find it and listen to it more often.

Being a grown up teenager,at the age of 17 surely is challeging.And scary.And provoking.And damn difficult.Either way,it is earnestly beautiful to discover ourselves in the natural process of growing and even if we face new lessons every day,some of them in the hard way through unpleasant or marking experiences,we still need to make the best of it.

It is truly important to acknowledge the fact that life is crazily and unexpectedly beautiful.Life means happiness,fulfillment and an inner peace which they are not so easy to find due to our minds that refuse to let us evolve,change,think and feel whatever the hell we need to.

However,here are a few of the most precious lessons I’ve learned throughout my crazy ride called life that I hope you will consider:

  1.      People,feelings and places are temporary.People leave,feelings go away,places change.The funny part of all is that everything happens in the blink of an eye.They are surely not the easiest parts of life and everyone has different ways to cope with the pain and fear of acceptance that occur,but in the end,you have to let it go.Pain is one of the hardest,if not the hardest feeling in the world.I like to believe it holds,the same as the other feelings we get to experience,a good side,the one which make us realize that it is for the better.Things get better in time.Have faith.
  2.      Speaking of change,remember that change is good.So good.I saw and met so many people who were reticent and terrified of changing something in their lives.They live with the belief that they are content with what they’ve got in that moment and pretend they don’t need anything else,missing out and neglecting the beautiful,inciting and inspiring things which could knock on their doorstep any minute.Change is often associated with the same old feeling:fear.Too often and certainly,too wrong.How would it be if you could have the power to replace the fear that you let to dominate you with excitement and see change as an opportunity to develop,grow and discover yourself? Well,guess what,that power is right there,in yourself.Wouldn’t it be better to step out of your comfort zone once in a while and accept change as a way of experimenting your dreams,aspirations or even your craziest ideas,like going on a road trip in the middle of the night.It’s up to you.
  3.     Things don’t always work out.Or must I say,don’t go in the same way you wanted,hoped or imagined to.I guess that this is a perfect chance to focus on what’s working right.Right?
  4.     It’s okay to cry once in a while.It’s okay to be sad.It’s okay to acknowledge your feelings and treat them with an equal importance,because they are a massive part of who you are.Don’t neglect them,don’t hide them from yourself.Just make sure once you stop crying or hurting,it will never be for the same reason in the future.
  5.     Collect moments,memories,life changing experiences,not things.I’ve came to realize that they are all that matter in life.They make you who you are.Things are more useless than you believe.They have the power only to give you a temporary and mostly,a misleading sense of contentment and happiness,while the memories you create will last a lifetime and will make you the happiest human alive.Don’t let you get fooled by life’s traps.
  6.      Be positive.It’s an essential trait that has the absolute power to transform your life into a happy one.It’s one of the essential lessons I’ve learned,too.No matter what you’re going through,try and learn that being positive will eventually make you feel better and give a clearer view of what you have to do next.Find something good in everything you have or experience,especially in the bad ones that seem they could not have a happy ending.You may never know the true power of positivity until you try it yourself.
  7.    “Who needs daggers when you have words?” This quote totally proves my point.Honestly,words are incredibly powerful.Sometimes,they are even more painful than you could ever imagine.Be very careful and aware of what you are saying to others,no matter if they are close to you or just random strangers on the street.
  8.     Take chances.Every single one.Both good and bad.Who knows where they could lead you?
  9.    Push constantly your boundaries.Challenge yourself and never say no to an adventure that could change and also,shape you into a better and happier person.That’s what life is truly about.
  10.      Many of us experience lack of confidence during this challenging period of transition and growth.I’ve learned that it is so wrong firstly,for ourselves and then,for the people around us.Let me tell you why.Being confident could be one of the hardest things to be.It’s neither a constant nor a permanent feeling.It should be though.Also,confidence builds gradually in time,as you evolve and as you obtain a sense of maturity that tells you that it is your strongest quality.Let me tell you,it is not as easy as it is to just say this,but once you develop your self-acceptance and self-love for your flaws and frankly,for who you really are,you will see that being confident is the strongest “weapon”  you can ever have.
  11.     Since I was a child,I had an answer,always the same,for the question”What do you want to do when you grow up?”.I would simply say that ” I want to be happy.” Nothing less,nothing more.As years passed by,I’ve came to see that we live to be happy.So,be happy.It is so easy.Look around you.Find happiness in every single thing,no matter how small it may seem to you.To be happy is a blessing.Acknowledge it,treasure it and make sure that whatever you want to achieve,to do and to become in the future will give you this unique feeling in return.
  12.    I  always was so passionate and fond of travelling.Perhaps I didn’t exactly know the true meaning behind my utter excitement every time I went somewhere new and unfamiliar when I was a little girl,but now I know.The unforgettable memories I gain from travelling the world are what make me,spiritually,so rich.It isn’t a bigger pleasure in life than this.Travel the world and discover the beauty beneath the simplest things.Make your soul happy.Trust me,you will not regret it.
  13.     Another quality that I’ve discovered which holds so much importance and greatness in my life is kindness.No matter where your life is heading to,don’t forget to be kind.Kind to yourself and kind to others who may not be as fortunate as you.We are all the same.
  14.      Always,always be grateful.For everything.Be thankful that you are alive,have a beating heart,a family,a few close friends and a fierce willingness to do big and incredible things in life.Don’t ever forget it.
  15.     Unfortunately,bad days exist,too.And they suck.Whether it’s a bad hair kind of day,bad mood or anything else,you can do nothing but learn to accept and eventually,go over it.It doesn’t mean it’s a bad life.
  16.     Love yourself forcefully,deeply and unconditionally.Stop comparing to others,stop judging,just stop feeling worthless only because your nose is a little longer,your cheeks are not as prominent as you’d like or you can’t stand your freckles.That is,in reality,what makes us all unique in our own way.Learn that different is beautiful,so damn beautiful.Focus instead on developing into the best version of yourself.Please.
  17.     Laugh hard.Laugh until it hurts and you literally can’t breathe.It’s one of the greatest joys in life.And guess what? It’s free.