Why you must love yourself at all times

  “Love yourself.” A relatively simple statement,with a hint of advice,which was heard,seen and written by every single one of us at least once.Nothing new until now.However,reflecting on this and even analyzing this quite overrated yet extremely uplifting quote,I began actually thinking about how many out there have the ability to understand it,too?

  Do you truly understand the unspoken power of this statement?

   If someone is telling you this one day,how could you put it in practice if you did not feel and acknowledge it yourself first?

    How could you feel it?

    How could you know the way to forcefully love yourself?

A lot of questions are dancing in my mind at the moment but despite its massive importance into our lives,I must confess love is strongly missunderstood,mistaken or simply unrecognizable at times.This thought saddens me a little,as I’ve come to realize that self love is slowly,but surely slipping away from our minds,souls and bodies.

A lot of people these days have the tendency to run,almost all their lives,to a better,improved and happier life by constantly chasing their “true needs” in order to feed their undeniable and always starving ego.Their ego dictates for them what to do,what to obtain,what to become.Their damn ego damages and eventually,destroys them,piece by piece,without even knowing.Their consent and acceptance is mostly not acknowledged,but felt through their limited actions.People forget to actually love themselves.Perhaps they didn’t ever try it for once.Why?Fear,tragedy,insecurities,personal experiences..I believe I could go on and on.The fact is that even if the causes are endless,so are the results.

But in the end, loving yourself is the best thing you have the power to do.Always.Regardless anything.

Listen to me,it’s not that hard.Actually,it’s not hard at all.Everything that make you deny this belief is just stuck in your head from the wrong perceptions,thoughts and false sayings you heard somewhere,printed into your head and heart and let them drown you effortessly.

Set your body,mind and soul free from negativity.

Every single one of us is put into this world for a reason.We are different,special and unique in our own crazy way.And that’s great.That is,in fact,the real beauty of all.To be unique in your looks,character,mind,heart and soul.

   Nobody is like you.

   You are infinite.Treasure this every second.

So,loving yourself doesn’t seem so damn difficult now,huh?

Let me tell you,the process of loving yourself includes three esential lessons that you must discover and truly understand throughout your journey.I do not count them as steps or something that could lead you thinking as being some sort of a guideline or even an “instructions” book.There is no such thing as that.As I said,everyone is different so their way of learning,growing and realizing things is not the same as yours.

  1You need to learn to accept yourself.

And by yourself ,I mean absolutely everything that defines you.Your body and every flaw that comes with it,your spirit,your bright mind,your beautiful and complicated thoughts,your messy inner feelings,your qualities and defects,as well as your moral values that you stand by and represent who you really are.These are your fingerprints that you left on this world.

Therefore, you have no reason to ever wish you were in another person’s skin or body:a much lighter one,with less freckles,without scars or even no imperfections at all.This bullshit is overrated.And nonexistent.

You are beautiful in your own way and nobody have the right to make you believe otherwise.

You are one of a kind.

I always liked comparing ourselves,humans,to birds flying high in the sky.Whenever I see them being so free,happy,adventurous,full of life and perhaps careless,I smile.Why? Because I know that we ought to be like that,too.We’re supposed to integrate and accept the twisted reality we are living in,forgetting about what we truly want,need or crave.It’s really a shame we don’t see that the only thing we must accept entirely is ourselves.

  2. In order to love yourself deeply,you need to find and value your self worth.

You must respect yourself enough to know that you deserve the very best.Treat yourself properly and say everytime you look at your reflection in the mirror “Today is beautiful.I have the power to do anything.” Empowering yourself is worth it,just like you are.

  Do you ever look up to the stars at night?Like really look up and try to notice their greatness and magic they truly hold? Not many people are able to see the beauty and significance beyond them.Well,you know what,I firmly believe we are like stars.Small,slightly usual at the first sight,but incredibly powerful,magical and unique as you look a little closer.You see? Different yet the same.

Value your authencity and individuality because there’s nothing more beautiful than this.

    3.  Last but not least,be you.Always&forever.

 Don’t change for anything or anyone,dear,unless is for becoming a better version of youself.Be whoever you want to be,do whatever you want to do,love everything that make you feel content and count on your power,knowledge and fierceness through it all.

     Oh,and in the meantime,love yourself more and more every single day.


Loud thoughts about silence 

Recently,I’ve found randomly a quote which truly got me thinking and looking for its real meaning.It said something like “When words are not enough,silence screams.” Kidding,it’s something I just made up now.Either way,I want to talk a little bit about it.

I mean,nowadays,people don’t quite know how to behave in front of silence.Or may I say,in front of a silent answer.Instead of trying to understand it,they tend to become defensive and automatically feel rejected,hurt or even disappointed by it.Earnestly,I could not blame them.I may sometimes felt in the same way without truly realizing.

     The truth is that silence is an answer,too.Perhaps the most conclusive,weighty and valid we could receive in life.Whether it’s about a relationship between two people,like friendship and most likely,love or a sign you’ve been waiting but never showed up,we could be in the situation when the expected,like calling,texting,showing up at your doorstep becomes the unexpected,which,in this case,is getting silence in return.We get treated with silence in life.The hard,cold and damn silence.

          But why does silence is regarded as such a bad thing?

         Everyone has their own inner silence,which isn’t expressed,exposed or even thought of in its entirety.In your vulnerability,your thoughts are flying,your feelings are most likely jumbling,your heart is hammering into your chest,but you are silent.Even when you feel like screaming on the inside due to an unfortunate event in your life,you remain silent.Doesn’t that feel better than actually saying out loud? Yes,it does.

     I believe that silence is the wisest’s man weapon.Why is that? Simply because that’s when he realizes that words are nothing as silence.They are powerful,but not as strong as silence.It hears so much louder than words could ever be.Also,let me tell you,words could easily be twisted in any shape in order to be that one answer you’ve been dying to hear but you could as easily figure out if they are authentic or not,while silence is always a constant.You could never change silence into something wicked,evil,hurtful.It holds a tough facade,I’m aware of that,but,nevertheless,it is so much better to receive silence rather unmeaning,pointless and false promises.Let’s admit it.


As a wise man once said,”The one who could not understand your silence will never be able to understand your words.”- Elbert Hubbard