Why you must love yourself at all times

  “Love yourself.” –  A relatively simple statement,with a hint of advice,which was heard,seen and written by every single one of us at least once.Nothing new until now.However,reflecting on this and even analyzing this quite overrated yet extremely uplifting quote,I began actually thinking about how many out there have the ability to understand it,too?  Continue reading “Why you must love yourself at all times”

Loud thoughts about silence 

Recently,I’ve found randomly a quote which truly got me thinking and looking for its real meaning.It said something like “When words are not enough,silence screams.” Kidding,it’s something I just made up now.Either way,I want to talk a little bit about it. I mean,nowadays,people don’t quite know how to behave in front of silence.Or may I say,in frontContinue reading “Loud thoughts about silence “