Loud thoughts about silence 

Recently,I’ve found randomly a quote which truly got me thinking and looking for its real meaning.It said something like “When words are not enough,silence screams.” Kidding,it’s something I just made up now.Either way,I want to talk a little bit about it.

I mean,nowadays,people don’t quite know how to behave in front of silence.Or may I say,in front of a silent answer.Instead of trying to understand it,they tend to become defensive and automatically feel rejected,hurt or even disappointed by it.Earnestly,I could not blame them.I may sometimes felt in the same way without truly realizing.

     The truth is that silence is an answer,too.Perhaps the most conclusive,weighty and valid we could receive in life.Whether it’s about a relationship between two people,like friendship and most likely,love or a sign you’ve been waiting but never showed up,we could be in the situation when the expected,like calling,texting,showing up at your doorstep becomes the unexpected,which,in this case,is getting silence in return.We get treated with silence in life.The hard,cold and damn silence.

          But why does silence is regarded as such a bad thing?

         Everyone has their own inner silence,which isn’t expressed,exposed or even thought of in its entirety.In your vulnerability,your thoughts are flying,your feelings are most likely jumbling,your heart is hammering into your chest,but you are silent.Even when you feel like screaming on the inside due to an unfortunate event in your life,you remain silent.Doesn’t that feel better than actually saying out loud? Yes,it does.

     I believe that silence is the wisest’s man weapon.Why is that? Simply because that’s when he realizes that words are nothing as silence.They are powerful,but not as strong as silence.It hears so much louder than words could ever be.Also,let me tell you,words could easily be twisted in any shape in order to be that one answer you’ve been dying to hear but you could as easily figure out if they are authentic or not,while silence is always a constant.You could never change silence into something wicked,evil,hurtful.It holds a tough facade,I’m aware of that,but,nevertheless,it is so much better to receive silence rather unmeaning,pointless and false promises.Let’s admit it.


As a wise man once said,”The one who could not understand your silence will never be able to understand your words.”- Elbert Hubbard


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