Second chances

  I met him On a random day of September When the heavy clouds were crying and screaming forcefully, Matching the pieces of my conflicted heart. They were like trying to express Something, Anything To make their presence known so desperately, To be heard in the stone cold silence Enveloping the world at the momentContinue reading “Second chances”

Living life one step at a time

Yesterday,our “Blogging 101” daily assigment was to comment on at least four blogs that spoke to us or we can relate in some kind of way.Although I connected with a lot of people and found myself in their stories and thoughts,I figured that,as today’s assigment told us to create a post based on one ofContinue reading “Living life one step at a time”

An open letter to my future self

Dear future me,    When you will read this, you will most probably have your life figured it out. But not in the way some may think, like having a slightly boring routine or uneventful days. You will hate that. Just like you are doing now.   What I am certain about is that youContinue reading “An open letter to my future self”

Who I am and why I’m here

      Who am I? Well,I never kind of answered to this question to myself before.I mean,I heard it,I even wrote it right here,right now,but never actually thought of it in its deep and meaningful entirety.It’s one of the simplest yet the most complicated question I’ve ever face with in my life. To startContinue reading “Who I am and why I’m here”