An open letter to my future self

Dear future me,

   When you will read this,you will most probably have your life figured it out.But not in the way some may think,like having a slightly boring routine or uneventful days.You will hate that.Just like you are doing now.

  What I am certain about is that you will be in a complete awe of living in this world.You will fall more and more in love with everything you see,feel,discover and experience throughout your unmissable journey.Each passing day will bring something exciting,thrillingly beautiful,captivating, which will make you feel alive.Because that is why you’re put on Earth anyway.To be alive,not only to exist.That’s overrated.

  I don’t know how many years will pass until you’ll find this locked in one of your random and hopefully,not so messy drawers.I intend on printing it,just to be close to you whenever you feel like nothing is worth it.I hate to tell you this,but you will feel it at times.I can only pray to be as scarcely as possible.But that will not bring you down,not at all.You will learn that nothing will ever have the power to tear you apart.Except yourself.You’ll figure out that later.When you’ll not be drunk.Joking.I guess.

  Life will bring you a lot of wonderful and unforgettable memories to keep you sane.Do you want to know why? Because you will create them by fighting with all your will and fierceness in achieving your goals,making your dreams become reality and living everyday as it will be your last.As a good giver,you will bring something to the world,too.Do you want to know what? Happiness.So much happiness.Your happiness will become a source of inspiration to others.Your happiness will light others’s path.Your positivity will bring out the best of you and hopefully,of the ones who will be around you,too.Why is that?Simply because you realized,years ago,that happiness is the purest and most intense feeling we are blessed to experience.You always loved being happy and will do everything you can to feel it and to live accordingly.

   Better than that,you’ll help,support and encourage the people you’ll meet across your road by spreading happiness into their minds and bodies.It would not be an easy mission because you will figure out that everyone has a story,a novel written by themselves,full of challenges,beauty,lessons and perhaps inner struggles.It will bring you an unmeasurable sadness in your heart,but it will be the trigger,which will motivate you further and stronger to be there for them,as well as for your own self.To show them the bright side and dissipate the one which controls and whispers them that life couldn’t be happy again.It will always get better.You’ll demonstrate everyone,including yourself,that having persevering faith and hope will lead to miracles.

   Regarding meeting your soulmate or whatever will be called those days,you’ll not even worry about it.You’re tired of hearing this and certaintly,you will look at happiness as a self-evolution and self-growth process,not as being head over heels over a damn guy who gives shitty excuses or doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated.Anyway,you will never accept that.You will learn that you are enough.You are whole.Always was,always will be.You don’t need anyone to complete or to love you in pieces.That’s loads of crap.I’m so glad you learned this by now.

     Moving on,life will give you both good and unfortunate moments.You’re no exception.The way you will handle them is what truly counts here.However,with your positivity cursing through your mind and soul,you will get to look at every obstacle getting in your way as the ideal chance to learn valuable lessons and to discover hidden parts of yourself.Some of them you will never thought they even existed.You will not be scared by them.You will have a healthy and clear perspective of life and will not let it give you a hard time.You’ll see that even when times are tough,you will always have a choice to make.Whether to let the pain dominate your entire being and drown you effortessly into darkness or to rise higher from the shreds of the ground,only to become so much stronger than before.I trust you will choose wisely.

   Oh,and let me tell you about travelling.You’ll become obsessed with discovering new places,cultures,customs and getting to know what make them so special and purely different.Okay,you already were from your teenage years,but you’ll be more and more thrilled about the magnitude of the world.If that could be possible.You will travel the world,just as you wished so badly.You will gain knowledge,love,richness in thoughts,memories and soul,crazy experiences and of course,a one of a kind happiness.The one that consumes you and makes you feel like you’ve made it.Not by chasing money,crappy useless things but by chasing your dreams and being your true self.

You will become a wonderful,proud,ecstatic,independent,overly excited about food and planes woman.I won’t blame you for the last part,though.

You will live every day as a once in a lifetime adventure.

You will wholeheartedly love yourself.Why? Because you are all you’ve got.

You will find your path and follow it faithfully.

You’ll never be alone.

You will made it.I know you will.



Present Me


13 thoughts on “An open letter to my future self

  1. Claudia,
    In ten years, your life will be something more amazing than you can even imagine, and probably not at all what you are thinking it will be right now. Embrace it! Wherever you are, that is exactly where you are supposed to be!

    Liked by 1 person

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