5 times Leonardo Di Caprio left us swooning 



   Leonardo Di Caprio is,without a single doubt,one of the most humble,talented,successful and greatest actors of all time,who is setting the cinematographic standards to higher and higher levels with each one of a kind role we get to see him portraying into the masterpieces he gave life. Movies like “The wolf of the Wall Street”(2013),”The aviator”(2004),”What’s eating Gilbert Grape”(1993),”The Great Gatsby”( 2013) and the iconic “Titanic” (1997) are just a few of the best rated films in history, which surely left a mark upon the world.

       His career in acting is currently blossoming and although he is acknowledged for his amazing skills in the world of cinema,he chose to use this platform for making the Earth heard through plenty of humanitarian actions and programs he is involved in in order to make a difference into the environment.

   So, an outstanding actor,a committed environmentalist,a good-looking guy…did I miss something?

   Oh,that’s right. With his first Oscar win of his career for the “Best actor in a leading role” in the well-known movie “The Revenant” travelling around the whole world and headlining every newspaper/magazine/article at the moment,Leonardo Di Caprio never cease to make us swoon and be head over heels for him.Whether it’s because some incredible scene from an epic movie,an awards show or some wise words he delivered in some live TV show,Di Caprio could be easily recognized as the epitome of perfection. Girls,you feel me.

   But here’s the thing. Once with Leo’s big and well deserved win,we sadly need to say goodbye to our favorite memes, which kept us entertained on his tumultuous road to the Oscars.*crying internally*

    Though,for the old times’s sake, let me remind you some of the best.



  Now,if you weren’t already impressed with what I’ve just showed you, I’ve got for you some of the best reasons Leonardo Di Caprio made us believe he is the ideal man.

1.His famous quotes 

   One thing that I truly admire about the actor Leonardo Di Caprio is his authenticity and rawness that he never fails to show through his grand roles. Regardless the genre or the emotional impact that a movie holds, we get to envision Leo being himself in front of a camera. His whole act is pure and his enormous talent is always shining the brightest.  So, along with the masterpieces he had given life to, he also managed to create some famous quotes, full of wisdom that cannot be forgotten or left out from my top 5.

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   By the way,this is a completely improvised line.I repeat,improvised.mSurpringly enough, it turned out to be in the film and became the fourth greatest line of all times. Pretty damn good for a 23 years old Leo,right?

      And of,course,this is gold.


     Don’t swoon yet.There’s more.


 2.His sense of humor 


  During the opening monologue of the hilarious TV show “Saturday Night Live”, the famous comedian Jonah Hill recreated with Leonardo Di Caprio one of the most memorable scenes from the iconic “Titanic” on Saturday, the 25th of January.

  Jonah Hill was the special guest host on that episode and his monologue contained bad mouthing Di Caprio, who admited that he wasn’t initially the first one on the cast’s list for “The wolf of Wall Street”. As if on cue, Leonardo Di Caprio made his sudden appearance, taking everyone by surprise in order to debunk the lies of his good friend.

  The sketch couldn’t be done without Jonah requesting Leo to “relive” the moment that made our hearts go on(pun intended), saying “Hey Lee, remember when we were on set and I would get really nervous? Can we do the thing we always did every day that made me feel safe?”

   I guess I’m not the only one quite dissapointed we wouldn’t get this chance. Lucky Jonah.

  Oh, and let’s not forget about the famous reaction of Leo at the 2016’s Golden Globes, where his priceless face while looking at Lady Gaga went instantly viral. Although there’s no bad blood between them, we could not but enjoy his hilarious mistake.


Photo credits go to Getty Images


3.His big heart 

   As I mentioned briefly at the begginning,Leonardo Di Caprio is known not only for his acting skills,but because he has an incredibly big heart.Throughout his career,he has been an outspoken advocate for environmental issues,establishing his own foundation “Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation” with the main mission of protecting the Earth’s rights and implementing solutions to build a stronger relationship between humanity and the natural world. Di Caprio also made several films to educate the public about environmental issues,including “The 11th Hour”.

   He led several innovative fundraising events, raising over $60 million for projects the foundation is developing and supporting. Additionally, in an effort to empower his fans to make a difference, DiCaprio uses social media to inform and inspire the public, showing them ways to take action on an array of issues – from protecting sharks in California and Elephants in Africa to supporting the transition of our society to clean, renewable energy.

    Did I mention that for his 41th birthday, Di Caprio celebrated with a charity bash? Kanye West performed,a PR company shot video footages of the entire evening, all with the purpose of raising money for his environmental foundation. Pretty impressive, if you ask me.

    Do I need to say something more? Of course I do.Can we talk about his man bun,please? I mean,look at him.

Photo credits go to hollywood.com

4. His unmistakable talent

  Known for his unconventional roles,Leo started out in television before moving on to the cinematographic industry, scoring his first Oscar nomination for “Best supporting actor” at the early age of 19 for the role in “What’s eating Gillbert Grape” in 1993.

   His early credits included guest appearances on such programs as “The New Lassie” and “Roseanne”. He also landed a role on the dramatic comedy “Parenthood”.

  In 1997,he starred in James Cameron’s drama, “Titanic”, which was the breaking point that showed his potential as a future star. The 90th also turned Leonardo Di Caprio to a major teenage heartthrob. Thanks God.

  With 78 wins and 192 nominations at the moment, Leonardo Di Caprio’s career has contributed to some of the best performances of the last two decades and fortunately, it is still going strong.


  Last but not least,his photoshoots are everything.Although we are accustomed to Leonardo Di Caprio’s physical appearance from today,we couldn’t but be enveloped in nostalgia and sadness when we think about the 90th version of Leo,with that slicked back hair and sexy smirk,doing one of his first photoshoots. Who wants him back,too?

  In the studio photos,19 years old Leonardo Di Caprio slays a cozy turtleneck sweater and some over-sized pants which matches the mysterious look he gives to the camera and smoking a cigarette with his feet.His styling evolution is clear as day,but it doesn’t stop us daydreaming about his early days,when he was able to make us swoon just by giving us this intense gaze. Please, let me bless you with this recently released pictures.

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5 thoughts on “5 times Leonardo Di Caprio left us swooning 

  1. I love this post. While I didn’t watch the Oscars — usually can’t because of how bloated the ceremony is — the highlight was when Leonardo DiCaprio finally one his Academy Award. He is a fine actor and the best part of his speech was his environmental message.

    Btw, I would like to tell you that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I like your posting style.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with you!Thank you so much for your words and the nomination,I promise to respond to it as soon as I have a little free time.I’m currently stuck with school.*sobbing*


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