True calling

I guess I’m struck by wanderlust,

Consumed by the idea of uniqueness 

And rawness

In thoughts,love and places.

I think I’m a wanderess in disguise

With a diary full of exquisite destinations,

An overwhelmingly excited heart,

And a pocket full of dreams

Ready to be caught.

I want to see it all,

I want to live it all,

I need to feel all of it,


Every little city is calling for me

Awakening my senses and adventurous spirit,

I could hear them so loudly,

Devoring my mind,

Yet the blur that it’s my life manages

To keep me away

From the world I’ve been wishing for

Since forever,

But just for now.

 The desire that captures my entire being

Of traveling the world

And finding pieces of myself in every corner 

Is so much stronger,

Making me confident

And absolutely positive

That without a doubt,

I’m going to spend my life

Fullfilling my heart and soul,


“I’m a citizen of nowhere,but belonging anywhere.”


12 thoughts on “True calling

    1. Thank you,it means so much to me that you find yourself in my words,you have no idea.Let’s enjoy every moment and build the future we want and crave for through our present!
      All the love to you!!❤️

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  1. “I’m a citizen of nowhere,but belonging anywhere.”

    That is just so beautifully written and I feel like it fits in to this whole “nationality” thing we all have got going for us, I have always found it strange whenever people felt the need to know what country I view as home since home to me isn’t exactly a certain place but rather places where I can be myself.

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    1. That’s exactly what I thought when I wrote this and I’m so happy that you share my vision about it.I’m mesmerized by what this world has to offer and I think that in each place I got to discover until now,I found little pieces of myself.

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