Holding on and letting go

   There comes a breaking point in life when the best thing you can possibly do is to let go.The pieces of your heart may be torn or grouped into pain,sadness,betrayal,perhaps regret,into millions of twisted,unexplainable emotions,yet your mind lives.It is always there,wondering how could you hold on so long onto that certain person.In your mostContinue reading “Holding on and letting go”

Top 5 memorable songs of Sia 

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, commonly known as Sia, is an Aussie songwriter, record producer, music video director and one of the greatest voices of all times. Born on 18th of December 1975 in Adelaide,South Australia, Sia’s tumultous roller coaster yet admirable road to success and mental, psyhical and spiritual recovery is one worth the recognitionContinue reading “Top 5 memorable songs of Sia “