Today marks a bittersweet day for me.

  Today,I chose letting the memories to  resurface and to mend my soul for no other reason than finding the inner peace I’ve been looking for.At some times,I may have found it but other days,like this one,makes me feel the pain I have wished so badly to erase.

      Quite frankly,how could you define pain?

      What is the first thing your mind drifts to while thinking about pain?

       How could you make it go away?

       How could you accept and eventually live with it?

       Pain could really have a good thing within it?

  It is wisely said that God gives us no more than we cannot handle.Challenges,troubles,obstacles,sorrows,they usually come in the most unexpected shapes,at the most uncertain times of our lives.We cannot deny them,we cannot hide from them like they would dissapear in a blink of an eye,we cannot run far away,we just can’t back down until we are strong enough to face them properly and knock them down.Without any weapon,any help or perhaps any clear judgement,we have nothing and no one but ourselves in this battle.Raw,insecure,vulnerable,scarred,fearful,yet faithful.We are all what we have got.

      As every emotion that we are blessed to experience throughout our lives,I tend to believe that our spiritual development comes closer while going through lifechanging situations in front whom we cannot be nothing else but powerful.We have no other choice left but get up,stand our ground and rise.This crucial feeling of having the strength in front of the unknown is scarcely acknowledged by ourselves,but I guess that a little part within us knows we can do it.This unsignificant portion that is screaming at us that we can overcome any inner struggle that we may deal with and eventually,heal our minds and souls.You know what? Today I chose to believe in that small part of my brain,which told me that whatever I may have faced in the past,whoever I may have lost psyhically along the way could not break me to the point of not seeing my life anymore.

   Thruthfully,pain is,amongst other emotions,the most daring one,which steals so much from us,leaving us wounded,heartbroken,lost,without any further direction or even an escape plan.It hurts a lot,I know.However,I like to believe that despite what we have to lose in the process,we could still gain something back.We could learn something from our heartbreaking moments that had happened to us and manage to expand our horizons of thinking,loving and appreciating every single thing and person we have by our side.

As for me,I think that the pain of loss had taught me a lot about life and its authenticity.I’ve come to learn that regardless the ache that will undoubtedly be printed in our hearts,it could never come close to the pure happiness,priceless memories,laughs,lessons and undying love we had gathered with our dear ones.These are what I will remember the most.

  You need to discover your lionheart and bring out the fierceness you didn’t even know it existed inside you.


4 thoughts on “Lionheart

  1. That is a interesting quote about God not giving us more than we can handle. People often use that to talk about suffering. But that quote is really about temptation. Meaning we will not be tempted beyond our ability to handle. A better verse for suffering is the idea that God provides shade in the midst of our suffering. But I get where you were going with this. Blessings.

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  2. Hi, you sound like you are still going through a great deal of pain. I have found that writing about it helps me sort through things. Writing also puts things in solid form where you can see, feel and if you choose to read it out loud and put it away.

    I don’t want to offer any suggestions at this time because I am afraid you would be hurt. Your words tell me that you are still struggling with a loss and I worry that you might still be fragile. Are you okay? Also you might suggest that people write suggestions privately to you so you won’t be so “out in the open.” I would do nothing to hurt your feelings. Hugs.


    1. Hello! The purpose of this piece was not to highlight my losses particularly,although I had indeed lost a dear person when I was younger,but to offer a positive outlook and a different point of view about this challenging feeling we meet throughout life,pain.It is,along with the other millions of feelings we get to experience,a normal stage that we need to overcome and I still feel,just like I said in the post,that no pain could come close to the beautiful memories and precious moments with our beloved ones.They are what we will remember and will treasure the most.This is my message.
      Best wishes!

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