”Back in Time for Tea” on BBC Two

  Back in Time for Tea is a popular television programme that was originally broadcast on BBC Two and which closely follows the Ellis family who ”travel back in time to discover how changing food in the north of England reveals what life was like for working class families over the past 100 years.” (BBC,n.d.)Continue reading “”Back in Time for Tea” on BBC Two”

”Desert Island Dics” on BBC Radio 4

    This week is all about copyright and clearance, namely how the copyrighted material has been cleared and used in the story telling of a programme. Therefore, I listened to the radio programme named ”Desert Island Dics” on BBC Radio 4 , more exactly the episode that features Jack Whitehall and which was broadcastContinue reading “”Desert Island Dics” on BBC Radio 4″

”SAS:Who Dares Wins” on Channel 4

   ”SAS:Who Dares Wins” is a five-part documentary series that is broadcast on Channel 4 and with every new season, it aims to push 25 Brits to face their fears and to break all their boundaries in order to survive under extreme conditions. The show has come to its third season and the challenging seriesContinue reading “”SAS:Who Dares Wins” on Channel 4″

”The Last Post” – Drama series on BBC One

”The Last Post” is a British drama show that was first broadcast on BBC One on 1 October 2017. Set in the mid-sixties, the television drama tells the story of the officers from a unit of Royal Military Police who have to take care of their own families while dealing with the challenges and conflictsContinue reading “”The Last Post” – Drama series on BBC One”