”SAS:Who Dares Wins” on Channel 4

 Ant Middleton, second left, and his team will be putting 25 ordinary Brits through their paces in gruelling conditions
Photo taken from Channel 4 

   ”SAS:Who Dares Wins” is a five-part documentary series that is broadcast on Channel 4 and with every new season, it aims to push 25 Brits to face their fears and to break all their boundaries in order to survive under extreme conditions. The show has come to its third season and the challenging series is filmed ”in the punishing climate of the dusty Atlas Mountains.” (The Sun,2018) , more precisely ” The SAS show is filmed in Southern Morocco – and the contestants will be staying in a makeshift training camp within a 150-year-old Kasbar, or fortress, in the foothills of the mountains.” ( The Sun,2018)

 The candidates will be staying in a makeshift Kasbar, or fortress, in the foothills of the mountains
Photo taken from Channel 4

    The North African location where the programme was filmed contributed to the development of the series and at the same time, it greatly influenced the quality of the content that it has been produced for the show. ” The location took 8 crew members 5 days to rig, using 32 cameras and 40 camera positions. Filming took place over 7 interior rooms, the Recruits Dorm, Recruits Mess, DS Dorm, Prayer Room, Mirror Room and 2 extra interrogation spaces. There was also a ‘Beasting’ Area that had light coverage for interior physical work. ” (The Complete Camera Company, n.d.) Apart from the isolated nature of the remote location, ”SAS:Who Dares Wins” use of the Morrocan stretch of the Alas Mountains helped to attract the audience because of the impressive views and set the action in a place that the viewers can identify and therefore, they can truly believe the story. ”Through sleep deprivation, interrogation and relentless circuits, SAS: Who Dares Wins uncovered the truth about what is really required – and to the surprise of the audience, physical fitness came secondary to psychological resilience. Audiences relished the opportunity to watch the punishing trials, see candidates reach their breaking point, and celebrate some surprise successes in equal measure.” (The Complete Camera Company,n.d.)


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