”The Last Post” – Drama series on BBC One

”The Last Post” is a British drama show that was first broadcast on BBC One on 1 October 2017. Set in the mid-sixties, the television drama tells the story of the officers from a unit of Royal Military Police who have to take care of their own families while dealing with the challenges and conflicts that the politics, love and war have to bring into their lives.  However, the story is being told through the perspective of a man that lived during those difficult times. namely the focus is on the childhood memories of Peter Moffat, one of the writers of the drama, that remembers his father’s career as an officer in the Royal Military Police.

The Last Post
Photo taken from BBC

The BBC One series has the action set in a particular impressive place that reveals how important is the use of locations in telling a compelling story. Therefore, ”The Last Post” drama series takes place in Aden, a town from Yemen but was filmed in Cape Town , South Africa. ” While Yemeni port city Aden is located in Western Asia, the series is filmed (very probably due to the sad fact that this area of the world continues to be ravaged by wars) in South Africa.” (Evening Standard,2017) According to Margery Bone, the executive producer, the landscape of Yemen had to contain ”a mixture of coastal, mountain and desert settings ” (Express,2017) and so Cape Town was the place that could fit the story in the best way. Moreover, “Finding a disused British naval base that overlooked Simon’s Town Bay enabled us to give our drama the kind of scale it is normally difficult to achieve on a television shoot.” ( Express,2017)

The period drama has an interesting story behind it ”In the Sixties, Britain began dismantling its Empire, of which Aden was part. The end of British rule in the territory was partly brought about by an uprising in the area known as the Aden Emergency. Forces were sent to the region to try and control an uprising against the British rule.” (Evening Standard,2017)


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