The role of the conflict in storytelling

   This week, it is all about how the content you create needs to be carefully crafted and developed in order for the story to become successful and to get its message across multiple platforms.

   Our guide book throughout our first year of university that contains valuable lessons, tips and advice towards how to best tell a story through a television factual programme was certainly “C.O.N.F.L.I.C.T.” written by the storytelling expert also known as the “TV Troubleshooter” Robert Thirkell.

  “CONFLICT” provides an invaluable insight into the television and filmmaking industry, more precisely it reveals the process of making a programme from scratch, starting from discovering what story you want to tell, the characters that can bring your story to life, structuring the script, filming techniques to the best way it can be delivered to the wide audience. As the title subtly suggests, the book covers 8 essential areas that are described in detail by Thirkell using as support examples and case studies international leading TV series such as Kitchen Nightmares, Wife Swap, The Apprentice, Coastguards, Oprah’s Big Give Fat March, Jamie’s School Dinners and When Big Chef Met Little Chef.

  All of these elements, namely Characters, Out of the Box, Narrative, Front, Love,  Interviews, Care and Timeline work together towards creating the conflict that keeps a story alive and the audience on their seats. Therefore, the development of a good story contains multiple stages that any content creator needs to go through and to work hard in order to ensure that the final piece will be impactful and long-lasting.

   Regarding my university assignment, namely to create a story and to shoot a music video for the emotional ballad “Leave a light on” by Tom Walker, storytelling is essential and therefore, this is my version of events that I imagine would work the best for the piece.

  Once upon a time, there were two teenagers and best friends,Tara and Kyle, who grew up together and who had a very strong bond since the first day they met.They lived very close to each other in a small town from Manchester and since they were small children,they used to do everything together. They always relied on each other and knew that if one was to ever be in trouble, the other one would come to the rescue in no time. Their friendship was something that both of them valued deeply and there was no day when they did not meet to play together or  just wake up and go on a random adventure. There was no Kyle without Tara and everybody admired their long-lasting friendship which turned soon into something more.

   However, one unpredictable event managed to change everything in a short matter of time. After spending months looking for a job, Kyle’s dad got a job offer as a manager in a German company and consequently, his family decided to move to Germany when he was only 16 years old. Tara and Kyle needed to say goodbye to each other, even though none of them knew exactly how. Although they made countless promises to each other that they would visit and they would try their best to keep their love alive, truth is ,their relationship did not manage to survive the time’s trial. Tara made several attempts throughout the years to contact Kyle and to see how is his life in a new country, but had never heard back from him. As years passed by, Tara moved on with his life and made new friends at college, but deep inside, he knew that no one would ever be the same as his good old friend and lover, Kyle. On the other side , Kyle became so angry from the day he found out that he has to move that he decided to completely change his lifestyle and due to some bad influences he met, he chose to follow a dangerous path. He soon started using drugs and alcohol as a desperate attempt to numb the loneliness he felt and the pain of losing his best friend. His addiction became something that he couldn’t control anymore so he knew that he needs to get help if he wanted to survive. Although his parents spent so much money on the best rehab facilities that could help their son, nothing seemed to work for him. 

    What Kyle did not know was that his parents got in touch with Tara’s family and as soon as Tara heard the news about Kyle’s state, she went there hoping that she can save the one she always loved the most.The reunion was something that Kyle never believed would happen, but this gave him the strength to fight for his own life. With the support of Tara and his family, he managed to fully recover and to realize that the love he and Tara shared was something that he could never give up again. Even though they were young, they had each other and that was enough for both of them. When Kyle turned 18, he and Tara moved together in Manchester where they lived happily ever after.

Published by Claudia Sava

22 years. Young spirit. Old soul. Food enthusiast. Art lover. Concerts addicted. Travelling the world, writing and eating ice-cream are some of my greatest pleasures. If I could have a superpower,that would be healing people and animals. Spreading kindness and joy are my favorite things to do. Join me on my own challenging yet beautiful journey of navigating my twenties and all the lessons that come with it.

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