To my twenties

Today it’s my birthday. My teenage years are officially over. I cannot believe it! Where did time fly?

   As I am turning 20 years old today, I am enveloped by a sense of gratitude that makes my heart smile. I feel so grateful for every single blessing that I have the power to count in my life: me being healthy, having a beating and strong heart and above all, being surrounded by my wonderful family while pursuing my greatest dreams. The unwavering love and support that I get from my family fills me with such an intense feeling of joy, as well as it gives me strength to look forward confidently towards a bright and exciting future.

   As I am leaving my teens behind me, I look back on all of the moments that have somehow shaped me into the person I am today. Although there have been challenges that I had to face or some obstacles that inevitably appeared in my way, I strongly believe that they have been my greatest teachers. Each of the mistakes I have made and every unexpected bump in my road taught me something valuable about myself. They helped me more often that I let myself to believe by showing me that once you get down, you have a choice: you can either stay down or pick yourself up and stand up taller than ever before. On the brighter side, the past year has been a very rewarding year, where I got to move in one of the most beautiful cities from the UK and to literally live my dream of studying abroad and following my passion.

   Right now, I am stepping into my twenties filled with positive energy, love, confidence, gratitude and being more determined than ever to do big things. To never give up on what makes my heart race. To reach high for my dreams even when they seem unreachable. To always pray and hope for the best even in the worst situations. To love deeply, unconditionally and madly whatever or whoever I feel to. To not forget to treat myself every once in a while ( or all the time in my case) and to have fun. To go out more, meet interesting people and create unforgettable memories together. To strive to become the best version of myself – everyday. To acknowledge, accept and learn from my mistakes. To step out of my comfort zone more often than I ever did before. To travel the whole wide world in order to broaden my horizons and to become richer in knowledge and memories. To have the courage to never let go of my hopes and dreams and to be crazy enough to believe that they will actually come true. To laugh wholeheartedly while enjoying the best years of my life.

   Last but not least, to always, but always be myself. This will get me through anything.

   Cheers to a better me! 🥂

Published by Claudia Sava

22 years. Young spirit. Old soul. Food enthusiast. Art lover. Concerts addicted. Travelling the world, writing and eating ice-cream are some of my greatest pleasures. If I could have a superpower,that would be healing people and animals. Spreading kindness and joy are my favorite things to do. Join me on my own challenging yet beautiful journey of navigating my twenties and all the lessons that come with it.

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