Hello there!

My name is Claudia,I’m 18 years old and I welcome you to the enciting world I have created here,a place where my soul has  found its wings to fly and my endless thoughts,conceptions,fears,revelations are expressed in the most honest and real way to me.

  Born and raised in Romania,I am on my own challenging journey of discovering,figuring some things (kinda everything) out,expressing myself in an artistic yet totally realistic way and improving into the best version I can be.Daydreamer most of the time,with an undying passion for books and finding the unusual beneath the simplest things,I am living my life one step at a time,enjoying every single thing God blessed me with.

  My main hobbies include sleeping,stalking boybands on social media,fighting with my twin brother over ice-cream and finding new places to discover.Yeah,this pretty much sums up.

   This virtual diary,as I like to call it,represents a highly courageous step in the process of bettering myself,loving who I truly am and finding little pieces of my own puzzle each passing day.

     By entering this thrilling world of blogging,I am slowly,but surely becoming more confident in my own skills and my gift of sharing my art through words.I feel like every single experience that have the power to sparkle some kind of emotion within myself,no matter how unsignificant it may seem at first, is worth telling and worth feeling it with my entire being.You don’t know how your story could connect with somebody else or how your thoughts could influence other people day,actions,ways of feeling and thinking into better and positive ones.Every single one of us has the power to do a difference into someone else’s life.

Therefore,to be able to be a source of positivity,joy and even inspiration to my readers is and will always remain my main goal,because I thruthfully believe there is nothing else as mind-blowing and as satisfying as this.Here,my soul speaks the loudest and my inner self is at its rawness.

       Thank you for stopping by and I invite you on the challenging,vulnerable,yet unique road of my ever changing self,because as long as you are in it,I know it would be so much more fun and exhilarating.

For any sort of blogging inquiries,you could easily reach out to me here or through e-mail:clau.sava10@gmail.com.




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