Hello there!

           My name is Claudia,I’m 21 years old and welcome to my blog!

    Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, I am on my own challenging journey of discovering, figuring some things (kinda everything) out, expressing myself in an artistic yet totally realistic way and improving into the best version I can be. Daydreamer most of the time, with an undying passion for books and finding the unusual beneath the simplest things, I am living my life one step at a time, enjoying every single thing and person that I am blessed to have by my side.

Image result for bucharest landscape
Palace of The Parliament-the largest administrative building located in Bucharest,the second one after the Pentagon from the USA/ Photo credits go to ShutterShock.com

      My main hobbies include sleeping, travelling the world, fighting with my twin brother over ice-cream, going to live concerts and dancing. Yeah, this pretty much sums up.

     This virtual diary, as I like to call it, represents a highly courageous step in the process of loving who I truly am and finding little pieces of my own puzzle each passing day. By entering this thrilling world of blogging, I am slowly, but surely becoming more confident in my own skills and my passion of sharing my art through words. I feel like every single experience that has the power to ignite some kind of emotion within myself, no matter how insignificant it may seem at first, is worth telling and worth feeling it with my entire being. I realised that you may never know how your story could connect with someone else or how your thoughts could influence other people day, actions or inner feelings into better and positive ones. Every single one of us has the power to make a difference into someone else’s life, even by putting a large smile on their faces.

    My strong desire for pursuing a career in the intriguing and fascinating world of television and media had come in a natural, yet somehow still unexpected manner. I remember perfectly how I always loved, since I was a little girl, watching all sorts of programmes on TV, especially cartoons at that time. I was mesmerised by the way they could provide me with so much warmth, happiness and laughter every time I opened the TV and so I wanted to know more about the characters,as well as about the wide range of  shows that kept me entertained. As years passed by, I have come to expand my horizons, slowly acknowledging the world I am living in through other means, such as daily news, radio stations, blogs, magazines and channels such as Discovery, National Geographic or Animal Planet. Moreover, the projects I was involved during high school, a short film where we portrayed the consequences of violence among teenagers in schools and a reportage where I got to interview the mother of a boy with a motor disability for a contest organised by Special Olympics made me more curious, enthusiastic and determined that this is the path I want to follow. Fast forward to this day, I managed to work hard and to earn my place at one of the best universities for media related courses in the UK,namely Salford University.

Image result for media cityuk header photo
MediaCityUK-my stunning campus.How crazy is that? Credits: Google Images

    Therefore, this blog will cover from now on some of my work required on my TV&Radio course, as well as personal thoughts and perspectives regarding my favorite media creations, which I believe will help me develop my critical thinking and acquire skills that are vital for the exciting world I am about to enter. Did I mention that I’ve moved to the UK for almost two months now? It’s a little bit crazy if you think about it, but I couldn’t be happier to have this amazing opportunity, to follow my passion and to literally live my greatest dream since childhood. It was all worth it.

    Thank you for stopping by and I invite you on the challenging, vulnerable, yet unique road of my ever changing self because as long as you are in it, I am sure it would be so much more fun and exhilarating!





9 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a great About page, I enjoyed reading it 🙂
    Thank you so much for following my blog. I really like yours and look forward to read more of you 🙂

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  2. Buna…:) Imi place blogul tau and the background image. Multa bafta si la cat mai multe postari calitative 🙂


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