Top 5 memorable songs of Sia 

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, commonly known as Sia, is an Aussie songwriter, record producer, music video director and one of the greatest voices of all times. Born on 18th of December 1975 in Adelaide,South Australia, Sia’s tumultous roller coaster yet admirable road to success and mental, psyhical and spiritual recovery is one worth the recognitionContinue reading “Top 5 memorable songs of Sia “

5 times Leonardo Di Caprio left us swooning 

         Leonardo Di Caprio is, without a doubt, one of the most humble, talented and successful  actors of all time who is setting the cinematographic standards to higher and higher levels with each role he gets. Movies like “The wolf of the Wall Street”(2013), “The aviator”(2004), “What’s eating Gilbert Grape”(1993), “The Great Gatsby”(2013)Continue reading “5 times Leonardo Di Caprio left us swooning “