The pursuit of happiness

At the end of this challenging,yet indeed rewarding year that flew more quickly than I could comprehend,I choose to reflect upon myself and my most beloved treasures. Looking in retrospective,I believe that this year brought me more than I could ever hoped for.I laughed a lot.I cried.I smiled.I loved deeply.I cared.I won.I learned.I did.I achieved.IContinue reading “The pursuit of happiness”

Things I love

The sound of rain Falling stars People smilling Everything related to chocolate The pure soul and undying love of animals The raw side of humans Getting my passport stamped Changes Staying up late reading books Dancing Making someone laugh Seeing rainbows The feeling of satisfaction and joy while achieving my goals My loving bed MyContinue reading “Things I love”

Why I write?

  Since I stumbled upon “The Everyday Inspiration” course by random these past few days,I decided that it is an ideal opportunity for myself to increase my writing skills and build up my confidence by sharing my stories and seeing where my imagination is going to take me throughout this quite interesting challenge.So,what better wayContinue reading “Why I write?”