The pursuit of happiness

At the end of this challenging,yet indeed rewarding year that flew more quickly than I could comprehend,I choose to reflect upon myself and my most beloved treasures. Looking in retrospective,I believe that this year brought me more than I could ever hoped for.I laughed a lot.I cried.I smiled.I loved deeply.I cared.I won.I learned.I did.I achieved.IContinue reading “The pursuit of happiness”

My dear 18

        Last week,I turned 18. Some may assume it is just an usual age that I have to go through,or that I’m just slightly older,yet,in all honesty,I’ve never felt so good.So full of love,joy,strength and elation for what is to come next,for the future which is slowly,but surely shaping into my present.Continue reading “My dear 18”

Change-The chance to pursue your dreams?

   If is one essential thing I have learned and have counted on it faithfully by now, is that change is so damn good and such a bold move for those who dare to live. Be it about a change in your daily behavior, thoughts, feelings, a change of background ,a change of places, ofContinue reading “Change-The chance to pursue your dreams?”

Holding on and letting go

   There comes a breaking point in life when the best thing you can possibly do is to let go.The pieces of your heart may be torn or grouped into pain,sadness,betrayal,perhaps regret,into millions of twisted,unexplainable emotions,yet your mind lives.It is always there,wondering how could you hold on so long onto that certain person.In your mostContinue reading “Holding on and letting go”

Living life one step at a time

Yesterday,our “Blogging 101” daily assigment was to comment on at least four blogs that spoke to us or we can relate in some kind of way.Although I connected with a lot of people and found myself in their stories and thoughts,I figured that,as today’s assigment told us to create a post based on one ofContinue reading “Living life one step at a time”

An open letter to my future self

Dear future me,    When you will read this, you will most probably have your life figured it out. But not in the way some may think, like having a slightly boring routine or uneventful days. You will hate that. Just like you are doing now.   What I am certain about is that youContinue reading “An open letter to my future self”

Who I am and why I’m here

      Who am I? Well,I never kind of answered to this question to myself before.I mean,I heard it,I even wrote it right here,right now,but never actually thought of it in its deep and meaningful entirety.It’s one of the simplest yet the most complicated question I’ve ever face with in my life. To startContinue reading “Who I am and why I’m here”

Why you must love yourself at all times

  “Love yourself.” –  A relatively simple statement,with a hint of advice,which was heard,seen and written by every single one of us at least once.Nothing new until now.However,reflecting on this and even analyzing this quite overrated yet extremely uplifting quote,I began actually thinking about how many out there have the ability to understand it,too?  Continue reading “Why you must love yourself at all times”