The pursuit of happiness

At the end of this challenging,yet indeed rewarding year that flew more quickly than I could comprehend,I choose to reflect upon myself and my most beloved treasures.

Looking in retrospective,I believe that this year brought me more than I could ever hoped for.I laughed a lot.I cried.I smiled.I loved deeply.I cared.I won.I learned.I did.I achieved.I lived.There is nothing more gratifying than simply acknowledging all the emotions that have enveloped me,that I have felt with such an intensity,as well as that have been a part of me during all the encounters I had this year.To feel whatever I felt the need to,without any constraint,remains one of the best feelings in the world.To be able to express myself in order to find answers to whatever I was looking for on my own is the greatest way to know,discover and love myself more each day.Still,I am incredibly overhelmed by every single thing,experience,lesson and blessing that I have the power to count.Regardless of its nature,each moment was different and was meant to made me feel something.That something made me evolve,think further and broaden my horizons in ways that I didn’t even dare to think about before.

You see,if is one thing that I don’t believe in,that is coincidences.Thefore,I am aware that everything that I have been through,both good and less good,was destined for me and was something that I could handle.Better or worse,time had told or had showed me.Either way,reflecting upon this,I do not think that my sorrows or bad times didn’t play a massive part in my self-development process.I like to see them as essential pages,without this chapter couldn’t be truly complete or without I couldn’t treasure and acknowledge my happiness entirely afterwards.

As this year slowly draws to a nostalgic close,I feel the need to express my pure emotions towards everything I have obtained,as well as I have lost,every memory that I am filled with in my heart and soul,every person that I have met and  that have managed to change me in ways I couldn’t imagined.I could not wrap my mind on how I have all these people by my side and all the loving memories to hold onto and to treasure deeply.

I feel a better,happier and the richest person here just by thinking that my life had and will always have the same pursuit that will continue to guide me faithfully throughout this crazy journey-happiness.

May this new year lead you to discover your own pursuit and to never,ever give up on anything that makes your heart race.That’s what life is all about.



The power of thank you’s

    Saying that you made it is easy.Saying that you feel content for what you achieved is easier,even if you don’t feel like it for real.Saying that everything is yours to deserve might be the easiest thing to do.However,saying a mere “thank you”,from the bottom of your heart,to the ones who helped you along the way,who stood by you day by day,who simply were there,may not be that easy to say it out loud.The question that left me wondering is why?

     It is said that the best kind of people come in your life unexpectedly,at the time when you were left hopeless,lonely,in need of guidance,perhaps when your soul wasn’t completely happy.They manage to sneak into your life,to steal your heart and to never give it back to you.In a short period of time,these people prove to you what older friends couldn’t or didn’t even want to.That is a real friendship based on love,trustworthiness and honesty.The moral qualities that you have searched in so many,but have found only in a few.When you come across these kind of people,I want to tell you just one thing:keep them.Keep them with all you have got.Don’t make your life all about them,but make your life happier by being and growing together.Moreover,thank them.For every little thing.Thank your friend,your lover,your beautiful mom,your dad,your annoying sibling,even a random stranger that made your day,your neighbor.There is always someone or something that you have to be thankful for simply making a difference.You just have to acknowledge their importance into your life and start cherising every moment deeply.Right now.Trust me,you do not know when it is over.

     During my years through life,I have come to realize that gratitude represents the essence of happiness.The more grateful you are,the happier and lighter you become.There is no bigger satisfaction than being surrounded by the ones you love and the best way to cherish them is to show them your gratitude towards every single thing,big or small,that they do for you.You can do no wrong by expressing sincerely and out in the open your inner feelings and more importantly,proving them to the ones you truly care about.

    Taking into consideration what I’ve just rambled about,I believe so much in the unspoken power of a “thank you”.I believe in people and the raw way of healing one another through love.I am sure that even if you don’t realize at times,for most of them,a mere “thank you” does wonders because it shows that their efforts,commitment,love and appreciation towards you never go unnoticed.

   Earnestly,it is the simplest and easiest way to spread your love,your kidness,your emotions and the safest way to ensure the joy of tomorrow.Everything that you have,that you achieve,that you represent is a team work between you and your soul people.Let’s not take a single person in life for granted,either if they are a blessing or a lesson.So just say,from the bottom of your heart,”thank you”,as often and as loud as you can.Do it.


My dear 18

        Last week,I turned 18. Some may assume it is just an usual age that I have to go through,or that I’m just slightly older,yet,in all honesty,I’ve never felt so good.So full of love,joy,strength and elation for what is to come next,for the future which is slowly,but surely shaping into my present.

         I cannot lie and tell you that I’m not quite nostalgic about the outstanding power of time and the incredibly fast way it flies,without any questions for our humble human condition,whether or not we are ready to reach the next step in our lives.Nothing prepares us for what are we going to receive,live or feel.Perhaps that is why life itself is a mistery,an unique journey into the unknown,with nothing such as maps,instructions or backways.All you have is you on this one-way road.You are everything that matters.

        However,I like to believe that whatever life has in store for us,it would be so much better than we have ever possibly imagined.That is exactly what happened to me.

      Reaching the age of 18 years old and officially entering the “adulthood”,I must confess that although I look the same,I feel the same way about my life,about myself,I am filled with so much more positive energy,love,trust in my own fierceness and faith that give me so much power to look forward to living my beautiful life to the fullest.I may be a little bit sad about growing up so quickly,yet I know that every chapter of my life means more valuable memories and experiences to hold onto and treasure deeply.I am surrounded by a few,yet extremely precious people who makes me feel every day like I am the luckiest girl alive.Earnestly speaking,I feel blessed and filled with such a strong sense of contentment and pure joy just by thinking about that.It’s surreal.

   What I am trying to highlight is that every single age comes with something thrilling,new,fascinating and brings us so many incredible things that we cannot even realize at time,such as wisdom,maturity,more power of understanding and perception,as well as  love for your inner self,with whom you have made it through it all.It is indeed crazy how time is running,yet I love to believe that we become richer in thoughts,happiness,memories and knowledge only by growing up,constantly evolving,improving ourselves and discovering the breathtaking beauty the world truly holds.There is nothing more gratifying that living the moment with the most intensity and knowing that everything that it is destined for you,whether it is a person,a situation or a thing,will eventually find its way into your life,one way or another,under the most unpredictable circumstances.Either way,let it be.Let everything come to you naturally.

   All that it takes to be happy is to live gracefully,to love deeply,with all of your being,without expecting anything in return,to spread kidness and to know within yourself that you deserve the greatest things in the world if you wholeheartedly believe in your own self.

    Oh,and as a little gift for you,I am going to post some photos from me and my brother’s super sweet 18’s birthday party,where I realized that every moment spent with your beloved ones is absolutely worth a lifetime.


Change-The chance to pursue your dreams?

   If is one essential thing I have learned and have counted on it faithfully by now,is that change is so damn good and such a bold move for those who dare to live.Be it about a change in your daily behaviour,thoughts,feelings,a change of background,a change of places ,of work,of plans or even a major change in your self development process,there is always something benefic,inspirational and merely refreshing in making a difference.

    With or without our will,we are faced with changes all the time.Life puts us on edge countlessly,in order to bring out what is the best within us,as well as to be a quick challenge for ourselves,whether or not we will lose our authenticity along the road. Regardless its nature,the way we cope with the effects that a change produces in our lives on a daily basis is the main difficulty here.While some may have a clear and healthy perspective of life,thinking with excitement and purely opening their hearts in front of a new opportunity to learn,grow and evolve,others may not have the same attitude of dealing with the insecurities and risks that a change might include.

     Nevertheless,what is right on this matter?

   First of all,change means SACRIFICE.Either we’re speaking about a relationship between two people,a family,a friendship situation or even getting a job or a place in a whole new city/country/state,you have to consider that along the countless hours of hardwork that had finally paid off,there has to be some sort of compromise that you need to overcome and that may or may not stand in the way of your utter happiness.Now,in order to do this,you have to prioritize your feelings,as well as your desires for your own self.You need to stand your ground and truly reflect on what does this new change will mean to you and your loved ones as well.You could answer yourself the following questions:

 Is this change going to be a step closer in fulfilling my dreams?

 Will it make me truly happy and content with myself,regardless how many people I may left behind?

 In 5 years from now,is my decision still going to make me proud?

 What will I gain is better from what will I have to lose in the process?

   Reaching this point,I tend to believe that no amount of questions could compete with your determined heart to achieve what you’ve got on your mind.There’s nothing stronger than what your soul tells you to do.So,just follow it.Follow your heart.Believe in your intuition.They can do no wrong.They would certainly lead you into the best place you could be at that certain stage in your life.

   Secondly,change expects TRUST.To have such a belief and confidence in yourself as to know that the differences and challenges that appear on your journey serve the main purpose of shaping you into a better,wiser,more experienced,as well as a happier human being is something not many people entirely own.Why not? This should all of us be asking.Why should we let fear or doubt dominate our hearts instead of joyful emotions that could actually do us some good,like faith,hope or elation for what is to come next? The world itself is made of changes.

    I guess that what a lot of us fail to realize at times is that believing in your own self is the best thing you could always do,regardless anything that may interfere unexpectedly in our lives.Thruth is,most of the changes that happen in life come  in the most unexpected shapes,perhaps at the most uncertain times.You cannot control what your life is going to bring to you,but you do have a say in what can or can not control you.It is all up to you,from how you look at your own person to how you interpret whatever it is  purposely given to you.Easy as that.

   Lastly,change involves BOLDNESS.As beneficial as change indeed is,it doesn’t always pay an easy price thus it takes a lot of courage to actually go for it and take a step forward towards living your dreams.It may seem unsure,unpredictable,scary at some times,but everything that matters is how you are going to take charge of your life and the decisions,along with the sacrifices you are willing or not to make.

  Personally,I love to embrace every change that comes my way and associate it with an ideal chance to develop myself,to expand my horizons of feeling and thinking,to discover,to learn,to become richer in knowledge and memories,as well as to evolve into the best person I could be.

  How do you perceive the changes you come across in life?


   Today marks a bittersweet day for me.

  Today,I chose letting the memories to  resurface and to mend my soul for no other reason than finding the inner peace I’ve been looking for.At some times,I may have found it but other days,like this one,makes me feel the pain I have wished so badly to erase.

      Quite frankly,how could you define pain?

      What is the first thing your mind drifts to while thinking about pain?

       How could you make it go away?

       How could you accept and eventually live with it?

       Pain could really have a good thing within it?

  It is wisely said that God gives us no more than we cannot handle.Challenges,troubles,obstacles,sorrows,they usually come in the most unexpected shapes,at the most uncertain times of our lives.We cannot deny them,we cannot hide from them like they would dissapear in a blink of an eye,we cannot run far away,we just can’t back down until we are strong enough to face them properly and knock them down.Without any weapon,any help or perhaps any clear judgement,we have nothing and no one but ourselves in this battle.Raw,insecure,vulnerable,scarred,fearful,yet faithful.We are all what we have got.

      As every emotion that we are blessed to experience throughout our lives,I tend to believe that our spiritual development comes closer while going through lifechanging situations in front whom we cannot be nothing else but powerful.We have no other choice left but get up,stand our ground and rise.This crucial feeling of having the strength in front of the unknown is scarcely acknowledged by ourselves,but I guess that a little part within us knows we can do it.This unsignificant portion that is screaming at us that we can overcome any inner struggle that we may deal with and eventually,heal our minds and souls.You know what? Today I chose to believe in that small part of my brain,which told me that whatever I may have faced in the past,whoever I may have lost psyhically along the way could not break me to the point of not seeing my life anymore.

   Thruthfully,pain is,amongst other emotions,the most daring one,which steals so much from us,leaving us wounded,heartbroken,lost,without any further direction or even an escape plan.It hurts a lot,I know.However,I like to believe that despite what we have to lose in the process,we could still gain something back.We could learn something from our heartbreaking moments that had happened to us and manage to expand our horizons of thinking,loving and appreciating every single thing and person we have by our side.

As for me,I think that the pain of loss had taught me a lot about life and its authenticity.I’ve come to learn that regardless the ache that will undoubtedly be printed in our hearts,it could never come close to the pure happiness,priceless memories,laughs,lessons and undying love we had gathered with our dear ones.These are what I will remember the most.

  You need to discover your lionheart and bring out the fierceness you didn’t even know it existed inside you.

Living life one step at a time

Yesterday,our “Blogging 101” daily assigment was to comment on at least four blogs that spoke to us or we can relate in some kind of way.Although I connected with a lot of people and found myself in their stories and thoughts,I figured that,as today’s assigment told us to create a post based on one of the best posts I’ve stumbled upon,I should share my own thoughts and inspiration I gain from a pretty powerful and beautiful woman.

Coming across Nancy Roman’s blog which,by the way,you must take a look on because it’s so good and incredibly inspiring,was one of the moments when I realized,once again,why creating a blog myself was the wisest decision ever.I think it has to do a lot with the fact that the power,wisdom,love and pure passion which exist beyond the words,our tool of creation in this virtual world of blogging,blossoming into the posts each of us publish,can touch ,mark,empower,encourage and surprinsingly,change your train of thoughts and beliefs.The undeniable  connection between people from all over  the world I find it quite magical and even fascinating because,let’s face it,we just don’t estabilish a bound with anybody.Even with our neighbors or mutual friends is a hard work mission,which you could admit should have been far easier due to seeing the other person you interact with and discover if she/he “clicks” with who you really are.But,you see,what seems easier in the first place is very often not the answer we’ve been looking or craving for.

I must confess that I was touched and very impressed by a variety of blogs by now,mind my “newbie”status,who have this blog a little over two months,including this one I mentioned earlier above.Why? Because I discovered a couple of precious lessons,written in a funny and accesible approach,even for a 17 years old teenager like me.

Nowadays,I feel like the society we are living in strives so hardly to reach and obtain the so called “perfection” of bodies or faces (whatever that means) instead of evolving and growing spiritually or mentally,in order to truly become stronger,wiser and happier human beings.People tend to deny and refuse with any price their age,considering that being old (whatever age that means for them) will cut their chances of a well lived and valuable life.Whatever stage they find themselves in life,they feel the need to change something at them whether by crappy surgeries,dangerous and mostly unsuccessful  treatments or simply anything that could make them be young forever and ever.

Well,although the idea of living forever sounds more appealing to me rather than having the “perfect” body or face or hair,I  don’t get why don’t you just embrace who you truly are?

You can not be young forever,but you have the power to choose every single day if you want to spend your life like one.

Nancy’s post,called “The old woman I will be”speaks very loud to me and define exactly,from her perspective,that being old doesn’t mean you have to feel like one,that considering yourself chained or traped in some kind of cell,without having the power to do whatever you please or want is strongly mistaken.Age is just a number,it doesn’t define you unless you allow it.Truth is you have all the power in the world to do everything and anything,at any day,at any age,at any moment of your crazy ride called life.I,also,firmly believe that every age is a gift which brings maturity,intelligence,more beauty to your heart and soul,a better level of capacity of understanding and seeing the world we are living in,so we need to cherish and be deeply grateful for every single day.We cannot take it back.

The point is that beauty,happiness and love,the real and most intense ones,could be achieved and felt throughout your whole life.You don’t have to constantly run or chase this stereotypical and overrated perfection because it’s a pure illusion that sadly,our twisted society seems to promote these days.Don’t let you get fooled in some of life’s traps.They’re not what matter or count.
What matters the most is you.


An open letter to my future self

Dear future me,

   When you will read this,you will most probably have your life figured it out.But not in the way some may think,like having a slightly boring routine or uneventful days.You will hate that.Just like you are doing now.

  What I am certain about is that you will be in a complete awe of living in this world.You will fall more and more in love with everything you see,feel,discover and experience throughout your unmissable journey. Each passing day will bring something exciting,thrillingly beautiful,captivating, which will make you feel alive.Because that is why you’re put on Earth anyway. To be alive,not only to exist. That’s overrated.

  I don’t know how many years will pass until you’ll find this locked in one of your random and hopefully,not so messy drawers.I intend on printing it,just to be close to you whenever you feel like nothing is worth it.I hate to tell you this,but you will feel it at times.I can only pray to be as scarcely as possible.But that will not bring you down,not at all.You will learn that nothing will ever have the power to tear you apart.Except yourself.You’ll figure out that later.When you’ll not be drunk.Joking.I guess.

  Life will bring you a lot of wonderful and unforgettable memories to keep you sane.Do you want to know why? Because you will create them by fighting with all your will and fierceness in achieving your goals,making your dreams become reality and living everyday as it will be your last.As a good giver,you will bring something to the world,too.Do you want to know what? Happiness. So much happiness.Your happiness will become a source of inspiration to others.Your happiness will light others’s path.Your positivity will bring out the best of you and hopefully,of the ones who will be around you,too.Why is that?Simply because you realized,years ago, that happiness is the purest and most intense feeling we are blessed to experience.You always loved being happy and will do everything you can to feel it and to live accordingly.

   Better than that,you’ll help,support and encourage the people you’ll meet across your road by spreading happiness into their minds and bodies.It would not be an easy mission because you will figure out that everyone has a story,a novel written by themselves,full of challenges,beauty,lessons and perhaps inner struggles.It will bring you an unmeasurable sadness in your heart,but it will be the trigger,which will motivate you further and stronger to be there for them,as well as for your own self.To show them the bright side and dissipate the one which controls and whispers them that life couldn’t be happy again.It will always get better.You’ll demonstrate everyone,including yourself,that having persevering faith and hope will lead to miracles.

   Regarding meeting your soulmate or whatever will be called those days,you’ll not even worry about it.You’re tired of hearing this and certaintly,you will look at happiness as a self-evolution and self-growth process,not as being head over heels over a guy who gives shitty excuses or doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated.Anyway,you will never accept that.You will learn that you are enough.You are whole.Always was,always will be.You don’t need anyone to complete or to love you in pieces.That’s loads of crap.I’m so glad you learned this by now.

     Moving on,life will give you both good and unfortunate moments.You’re no exception.The way you will handle them is what truly counts here.However,with your positivity cursing through your mind and soul,you will get to look at every obstacle getting in your way as the ideal chance to learn valuable lessons and to discover hidden parts of yourself.Some of them you will never thought they even existed.You will not be scared by them.You will have a healthy and clear perspective of life and will not let it give you a hard time.You’ll see that even when times are tough,you will always have a choice to make.Whether to let the pain dominate your entire being and drown you effortessly into darkness or to rise higher from the shreds of the ground,only to become so much stronger than before.I trust you will choose wisely.

   Oh,and let me tell you about travelling.You’ll become obsessed with discovering new places,cultures,customs and getting to know what make them so special and purely different.Okay,you already were from your teenage years,but you’ll be more and more thrilled about the magnitude of the world.If that could be possible.You will travel the world,just as you wished so badly.You will gain knowledge,love,richness in thoughts,memories and soul,crazy experiences and of course,a one of a kind happiness.The one that consumes you and makes you feel like you’ve made it.Not by chasing money,crappy useless things but by chasing your dreams and being your true self.

You will become a wonderful,proud,ecstatic,independent,overly excited about food and planes woman.I won’t blame you for the last part,though.

You will live every day as a once in a lifetime adventure.

You will wholeheartedly love yourself.Why? Because you are all you’ve got.

You will find your path and follow it faithfully.

You’ll never be alone.

You will made it.I know you will.



Present Me

Who I am and why I’m here

      Who am I?

Well,I never kind of answered to this question to myself before.I mean,I heard it,I even wrote it right here,right now,but never actually thought of it in its deep and meaningful entirety.It’s one of the simplest yet the most complicated question I’ve ever face with in my life.

To start with,I can proudly say that I am the creation of God.And I feel already unique by just that,because to be loved in this unmeasurable way so as to walk on this Earth is an exquisite form of a blessing.The first blessing,along with so many others that I have the power to count and be eternally grateful for.

I am not like everybody else.Nobody is me.I am me.I am different.I am unique.I am perfectly imperfect.Oh,and guess what?I am proud of me,I still love myself and I am thankful for every flaw I have.I am beautiful and I don’t need anyone to tell me otherwise because I would never really believe them.Why?Simply because I know that every single one of us represents an one of a kind beauty.Both inside and out.That makes me smile.And at some times not,noting that not many people are aware of this incredibly powerful fact.It’s really a shame to not acknowledge your power and your beauty in the world.

I am a person,a teenage girl and I feel intensely,I see beauty wherever I take a look,I think way too much,I love madly and I experiment my life in the best way I can.It may be tough,pointless,hard,challenging sometimes,but in the end, it’s always worth it.A road could never miss obstacles or impediments,right?But it’s still the best thing ever.Thruth is we only get to live once.We should make it right.Or as right as we can.

However,seeing that the world,along with its citizens are the pure creation of the so loving God,I often tend to feel like it’s one of my inner missions to create something on my turn,while being here.Anything that make me truly feel happy,content,satisfied,powerful and give me a positive and undeniable energy.So that’s when I began writing.Firstly,through my little diary I’ve received as a Christmas gift from my beautiful mom,I began developing my not so known back then interest.Slowly,but surely,it became a passion,which I could never replace or get rid of.It gave my soul power to speak,wings to fly and a voice,full of confidence,ready to be heard.Something so rarely met.Now,as it became one of my greatest passions,I felt like I could learn so much more by creating a blog.My blog.A blog of anything and everything.I haven’t even categorized in into a certain type,simply because I haven’t found one that could describe me or my twisted personality.I don’t think it exists.Nevertheless,this isn’t what matters the most.

My goal by entering this exciting and thrilling world of blogging was to inspire myself by inspiring the others around me.I wanted and still wholeheartedly want to inspire joy,beauty,positiveness and an immense love through my posts and sayings.This way,I am able to grow and develop myself into a better and so much happier person each day.It brings me an infinite happiness just realizing that I was brave enough to break my walls of uncertainty,create this blog and make my dreams,aspirations and goals alive.

I hope to achieve what I’ve got on my mind and so much more,to dream on endlessly,with my eyes open and to make every day of my beautiful life count by loving and living fully.

Why you must love yourself at all times

  “Love yourself.” A relatively simple statement,with a hint of advice,which was heard,seen and written by every single one of us at least once.Nothing new until now.However,reflecting on this and even analyzing this quite overrated yet extremely uplifting quote,I began actually thinking about how many out there have the ability to understand it,too?

  Do you truly understand the unspoken power of this statement?

   If someone is telling you this one day,how could you put it in practice if you did not feel and acknowledge it yourself first?

    How could you feel it?

    How could you know the way to forcefully love yourself?

A lot of questions are dancing in my mind at the moment but despite its massive importance into our lives,I must confess love is strongly missunderstood,mistaken or simply unrecognizable at times.This thought saddens me a little,as I’ve come to realize that self love is slowly,but surely slipping away from our minds,souls and bodies.

A lot of people these days have the tendency to run,almost all their lives,to a better,improved and happier life by constantly chasing their “true needs” in order to feed their undeniable and always starving ego.Their ego dictates for them what to do,what to obtain,what to become.Their damn ego damages and eventually,destroys them,piece by piece,without even knowing.Their consent and acceptance is mostly not acknowledged,but felt through their limited actions.People forget to actually love themselves.Perhaps they didn’t ever try it for once.Why?Fear,tragedy,insecurities,personal experiences..I believe I could go on and on.The fact is that even if the causes are endless,so are the results.

But in the end, loving yourself is the best thing you have the power to do.Always.Regardless anything.

Listen to me,it’s not that hard.Actually,it’s not hard at all.Everything that make you deny this belief is just stuck in your head from the wrong perceptions,thoughts and false sayings you heard somewhere,printed into your head and heart and let them drown you effortessly.

Set your body,mind and soul free from negativity.

Every single one of us is put into this world for a reason.We are different,special and unique in our own crazy way.And that’s great.That is,in fact,the real beauty of all.To be unique in your looks,character,mind,heart and soul.

   Nobody is like you.

   You are infinite.Treasure this every second.

So,loving yourself doesn’t seem so damn difficult now,huh?

Let me tell you,the process of loving yourself includes three esential lessons that you must discover and truly understand throughout your journey.I do not count them as steps or something that could lead you thinking as being some sort of a guideline or even an “instructions” book.There is no such thing as that.As I said,everyone is different so their way of learning,growing and realizing things is not the same as yours.

  1You need to learn to accept yourself.

And by yourself ,I mean absolutely everything that defines you.Your body and every flaw that comes with it,your spirit,your bright mind,your beautiful and complicated thoughts,your messy inner feelings,your qualities and defects,as well as your moral values that you stand by and represent who you really are.These are your fingerprints that you left on this world.

Therefore, you have no reason to ever wish you were in another person’s skin or body:a much lighter one,with less freckles,without scars or even no imperfections at all.This bullshit is overrated.And nonexistent.

You are beautiful in your own way and nobody have the right to make you believe otherwise.

You are one of a kind.

I always liked comparing ourselves,humans,to birds flying high in the sky.Whenever I see them being so free,happy,adventurous,full of life and perhaps careless,I smile.Why? Because I know that we ought to be like that,too.We’re supposed to integrate and accept the twisted reality we are living in,forgetting about what we truly want,need or crave.It’s really a shame we don’t see that the only thing we must accept entirely is ourselves.

  2. In order to love yourself deeply,you need to find and value your self worth.

You must respect yourself enough to know that you deserve the very best.Treat yourself properly and say everytime you look at your reflection in the mirror “Today is beautiful.I have the power to do anything.” Empowering yourself is worth it,just like you are.

  Do you ever look up to the stars at night?Like really look up and try to notice their greatness and magic they truly hold? Not many people are able to see the beauty and significance beyond them.Well,you know what,I firmly believe we are like stars.Small,slightly usual at the first sight,but incredibly powerful,magical and unique as you look a little closer.You see? Different yet the same.

Value your authencity and individuality because there’s nothing more beautiful than this.

    3.  Last but not least,be you.Always&forever.

 Don’t change for anything or anyone,dear,unless is for becoming a better version of youself.Be whoever you want to be,do whatever you want to do,love everything that make you feel content and count on your power,knowledge and fierceness through it all.

     Oh,and in the meantime,love yourself more and more every single day.