Change-The chance to pursue your dreams?

   If is one essential thing I have learned and have counted on it faithfully by now,is that change is so damn good and such a bold move for those who dare to live.Be it about a change in your daily behaviour,thoughts,feelings,a change of background,a change of places ,of work,of plans or even a major change in your self development process,there is always something benefic,inspirational and merely refreshing in making a difference.

    With or without our will,we are faced with changes all the time.Life puts us on edge countlessly,in order to bring out what is the best within us,as well as to be a quick challenge for ourselves,whether or not we will lose our authenticity along the road. Regardless its nature,the way we cope with the effects that a change produces in our lives on a daily basis is the main difficulty here.While some may have a clear and healthy perspective of life,thinking with excitement and purely opening their hearts in front of a new opportunity to learn,grow and evolve,others may not have the same attitude of dealing with the insecurities and risks that a change might include.

     Nevertheless,what is right on this matter?

   First of all,change means SACRIFICE.Either we’re speaking about a relationship between two people,a family,a friendship situation or even getting a job or a place in a whole new city/country/state,you have to consider that along the countless hours of hardwork that had finally paid off,there has to be some sort of compromise that you need to overcome and that may or may not stand in the way of your utter happiness.Now,in order to do this,you have to prioritize your feelings,as well as your desires for your own self.You need to stand your ground and truly reflect on what does this new change will mean to you and your loved ones as well.You could answer yourself the following questions:

 Is this change going to be a step closer in fulfilling my dreams?

 Will it make me truly happy and content with myself,regardless how many people I may left behind?

 In 5 years from now,is my decision still going to make me proud?

 What will I gain is better from what will I have to lose in the process?

   Reaching this point,I tend to believe that no amount of questions could compete with your determined heart to achieve what you’ve got on your mind.There’s nothing stronger than what your soul tells you to do.So,just follow it.Follow your heart.Believe in your intuition.They can do no wrong.They would certainly lead you into the best place you could be at that certain stage in your life.

   Secondly,change expects TRUST.To have such a belief and confidence in yourself as to know that the differences and challenges that appear on your journey serve the main purpose of shaping you into a better,wiser,more experienced,as well as a happier human being is something not many people entirely own.Why not? This should all of us be asking.Why should we let fear or doubt dominate our hearts instead of joyful emotions that could actually do us some good,like faith,hope or elation for what is to come next? The world itself is made of changes.

    I guess that what a lot of us fail to realize at times is that believing in your own self is the best thing you could always do,regardless anything that may interfere unexpectedly in our lives.Thruth is,most of the changes that happen in life come  in the most unexpected shapes,perhaps at the most uncertain times.You cannot control what your life is going to bring to you,but you do have a say in what can or can not control you.It is all up to you,from how you look at your own person to how you interpret whatever it is  purposely given to you.Easy as that.

   Lastly,change involves BOLDNESS.As beneficial as change indeed is,it doesn’t always pay an easy price thus it takes a lot of courage to actually go for it and take a step forward towards living your dreams.It may seem unsure,unpredictable,scary at some times,but everything that matters is how you are going to take charge of your life and the decisions,along with the sacrifices you are willing or not to make.

  Personally,I love to embrace every change that comes my way and associate it with an ideal chance to develop myself,to expand my horizons of feeling and thinking,to discover,to learn,to become richer in knowledge and memories,as well as to evolve into the best person I could be.

  How do you perceive the changes you come across in life?



   Today marks a bittersweet day for me.

  Today,I chose letting the memories to  resurface and to mend my soul for no other reason than finding the inner peace I’ve been looking for.At some times,I may have found it but other days,like this one,makes me feel the pain I have wished so badly to erase.

      Quite frankly,how could you define pain?

      What is the first thing your mind drifts to while thinking about pain?

       How could you make it go away?

       How could you accept and eventually live with it?

       Pain could really have a good thing within it?

  It is wisely said that God gives us no more than we cannot handle.Challenges,troubles,obstacles,sorrows,they usually come in the most unexpected shapes,at the most uncertain times of our lives.We cannot deny them,we cannot hide from them like they would dissapear in a blink of an eye,we cannot run far away,we just can’t back down until we are strong enough to face them properly and knock them down.Without any weapon,any help or perhaps any clear judgement,we have nothing and no one but ourselves in this battle.Raw,insecure,vulnerable,scarred,fearful,yet faithful.We are all what we have got.

      As every emotion that we are blessed to experience throughout our lives,I tend to believe that our spiritual development comes closer while going through lifechanging situations in front whom we cannot be nothing else but powerful.We have no other choice left but get up,stand our ground and rise.This crucial feeling of having the strength in front of the unknown is scarcely acknowledged by ourselves,but I guess that a little part within us knows we can do it.This unsignificant portion that is screaming at us that we can overcome any inner struggle that we may deal with and eventually,heal our minds and souls.You know what? Today I chose to believe in that small part of my brain,which told me that whatever I may have faced in the past,whoever I may have lost psyhically along the way could not break me to the point of not seeing my life anymore.

   Thruthfully,pain is,amongst other emotions,the most daring one,which steals so much from us,leaving us wounded,heartbroken,lost,without any further direction or even an escape plan.It hurts a lot,I know.However,I like to believe that despite what we have to lose in the process,we could still gain something back.We could learn something from our heartbreaking moments that had happened to us and manage to expand our horizons of thinking,loving and appreciating every single thing and person we have by our side.

As for me,I think that the pain of loss had taught me a lot about life and its authenticity.I’ve come to learn that regardless the ache that will undoubtedly be printed in our hearts,it could never come close to the pure happiness,priceless memories,laughs,lessons and undying love we had gathered with our dear ones.These are what I will remember the most.

  You need to discover your lionheart and bring out the fierceness you didn’t even know it existed inside you.

Dare to live

   I always used to faithfully believe that life would throw me,besides loving and close to my heart experiences,a couple of dares as well,in order to give me something to work towards to while bringing out what is the best in me.Personally,I love a good challenge,so I thought why not face it with everything I got?

  Perhaps a little insanity from time to time would do me good,would make me become more experienced and confident in the person I am constantly evolving.

    Although I have reinforced my belief in this conception,I admit that I have failed sometimes to realize that my time is nowhere but now.I didn’t dare to believe back then that the power within myself is meant to shine every single day by living my life to the fullest and doing nothing else in addition.Being able to live,smile,laugh with my heart and purely acknowledge the small,the worst,the best,the “okay”,the “try harder” moments of my life without compromising my own happiness and self assurance of my worth in this world are what matters the most to me.

    As years flied by and as wisdom was gradually accumulated,I’ve came to see,feel and wholeheartedly believe that life itself is a dare.An every day bet with your own self.A unique chance to find your inner voice,to develop mentally,emotionally and spiritually,to love deeply,to discover,to constantly learn,to just be whatever the hell you want or feel the need to, without any constraint or for any reason whatsoever.

    I feel like nowadays,people are so impended by these harmful thoughts of doing something worth being alive instead of actually living and accepting every day the way it is.It might not be everything you’d wish for,but that shouldn’t stop you from working hard and reaching your targets.With or without our will,we may take life for granted most of the times,forgetting all about its essence,the one which I could sum up in one word:happiness.

       So,why dare to dream of something mighty and not dare to actually live it?

       What is it up there that is stopping us from living the life we are wishing for?

      Why are we not willing enough to put a fight for what we stand for and desire? If we could dream it,we can absolutely make it reality,regardless anything that may come in our way.

     Just live every single day as it is the last.A little bit cliché,but the magnitude and thruthfulness in these words never fail to make me more and more aware and grateful each day for my strong,beating heart,which is willing as hell to do big.

     Just absorb every moment and treasure it as it is the last you will ever have.We can never take them back nor replace them.

     Just do whatever you feel with the most intense pleasure and love,like it is the last memory you will ever remember.

          Just be.Nothing more,nothing less.

The Liebster Award

Recently (okay,not so recently,sorry for the delay,life’s been hectic),I had the absolute surprise to receive a nomination for this award,which made me,besides overly excited,very happy and grateful that someone really considered my thoughts and work worth the recognition.

Shamilah,thank you so much!I really appreciate you! You are amazing!

However,I couldn’t entirely accept this award without doing a little bit of research,in order to put myself in theme and figure out what it is truly about.So,for those who aren’t so familiar with what this award consists of(myself included),I got some relevant info regarding it.

1.It is just an “on-line” award,which means it exists on the internet only.What about my chocolate prize? But I thought..Never mind.

2.Its main purpose is to encourage bloggers and give them a boost of confidence,while getting to interact and know each other a little better.I like that.

3.The word “Liebster” has German origins and it means “sweetest”,”dearest”,”valued”,”beloved” and a lot of other similar words.Pretty great,right?

4.It consists of a set of rules,which I’ve learned are actually several versions.I believe they may vary,depending on the person who nominated you.Given the circumstances,I’m going to follow the ones imposed by my fellow nominator,which are:

  • Thank your nominator.
  • Share the award on your blog.
  • Answer the 10 question asked to you.
  • Notify them.

That being said,I’m going to respond the questions with all honesty and that way,you’ll get to know me a little better.Shall we begin,then?

But first,let me take my candies.

1.Who is your favourite author?

Despite the fact that I’m very indecisive regarding my tastes and since I’m still exploring what kind of books I’m more into,I guess I can’t name a favorite.But,I find Emily Bronte quite fascinating,her iconic book”Wuthering Heights” really got to me and made me appreciate her art and authenticity in writing.It’s one of the classics,so I’m going to say it has an endless fascination to me.

2.Who is your biggest blog fan?

I’m going to stick with Shamilah’s answer and say that definitely,my mother is my biggest supporter.And I honestly love that.She’s the first to know when I publish a new post or when a new crazy idea popped into my mind and I wouldn’t have it any other way.She’s the best friend anyone could ever asked for.

3.Why did you decide to blog?

To be honest,this idea of blogging had been bugging me for a while,especially because I fall in love with this art of expressing myself through words each day.It’s such a magical thing to be able to experiment my life by sharing and giving others a glimpse of happiness,hope or some well needed kindness into our world.I think that the inner me have always enjoyed the idea of sharing the experiences,lessons,thoughts,values that captures my mind and soul,that make me who I am,in order to help,inspire and motivate further the ones around me,including myself.I used to write in my diary since I was a little girl all kind of stuff and so I thought I could make a step further into my self development process and self happiness  and start this thrilling journey with you.It’s very exciting and I must admit I am finding unknown pieces of myself through every post I am creating.

Also,I love that being flawed has never felt so good.I am aware that exposing my thoughts and inner feelings to the world may seem like a vulnerable,risky thing,which indeed it is,but I also have came to realize that expressing my inviduality and own differences are a massive part of my human self.Therefore,we all are unique in our looks,characters,opinions and ways of expression.
4.What is your best piece of advice to anyone,as well for those considering blogging?

Listen to your inner voice.Do whatever make your heart bursting out of joy,whether it’s writing,painting,photography,travelling,dancing,screaming from the top of your lungs to your favs songs.Regardless everything that may come in your way,remember that you are the most important and therefore,your passions come first.Express them through blogging or any other form you want,but always feel them wholeheartedly.Find yourself through your own art.That is what truly matters.
5.What is your goal for you blog in 2016?

I think that one of my main goals for my blog,which actually became an important part of me,is to keep connecting to beautiful people from all over the world,in order to be inspired and motivated,and in return,to bring them joy,positiveness and hopefully,some kind of inspiration,too.

This would make me the happiest girl.

6.If you could travel anywhere,where would you travel?

I guess one thing about myself that I haven’t mentioned previously is that I’m a wanderlust type of person.I just love the idea of travelling,getting to know cultures,traditions and unique things about a certain place.I’m mesmerized by what this world has to offer and I want to experience as much as I can,because that’s what makes me spiritually richer.Being a travelling freak (hah,I guess that’s the simpler form for my addiction),I would love to discover the world one step at a time and to fulfill one of my biggest dreams.

But if I could pick one place,Narnia would certaintly be at the top of the list.Who’s coming?

7.What is your favorite movie?

Well,here’s another problem.I have so many movies that I fell in love with that this blog couldn’t fit nearly half of them.What can I say is that every movie holds something special and unique in its own twisted way and into my heart so I find very hard to decide on one favorite.Though,if it’s one damn movie that always gets to me,regardless how many times I had seen him,is Titanic.Shamilah,I have to meet you one day and see it together! It’s a must!

Oh,and “A walk to remember” is very dear to my heart,as well as “Room”,which is the most recent one to me.
8.What is your favorite blog to read(besides your own)?

I’m still discovering people and incredible stories through this world of blogging and I must say I’m touched by most of them.Anyway,the ones that I am following at the moment are so beautiful,powerful and with a lot of inspiration for my complicated and everchanging self.

9.If you listen to music while blogging,what genre is your muse?

I usually don’t listen to music while blogging cause then,I would lose track of my ideas,so I need to be able to concentrate on my thoughts.However,when I’m in a lighter mood or depending on what the topic of my post is about,I will put some music in the background,mostly remixes of my favorite hits.

10.How did you decide on your blog name?

I’m still in the process of finding the right name to fit my personality and concept of my blog.I’m weighting between some options at the moment,but I want to surprise you when I will finally make up my mind.However,any suggestions and thoughts on this subject are more than welcomed and they would be a real help in choosing the best one.


My nominations are:




4.Ramona Crisstea






Thank you for following and being with me on my own crazy road of discovery and growth!I choose you because I would love to know some things about you and get to know each other better!

Can’t wait to see your answers! All the love!

Second chances


I met him

On a random day of September

When the heavy clouds were crying and screaming forcefully,

Matching the pieces of my conflicted heart.

They were like trying to express



To make their presence known so desperately,

To be heard in the stone cold silence

Enveloping the world at the moment

But it was like nobody paid attention.

Nobody even cared.

I was walking on the sidewalk alone

Passing through crowds and crowds of too busy people

Hurrying to their comforting yet lonely homes

Slightly wondering

How could I feel so broken inside,

How could I forget my own identity

Being in front of such a reckless masterpiece

Developing through my own blazing eyes.

I was mesmerized by the unspoken power of the world’s creation

Yet the life in me was slowly slipping away.

I was drown in my own selfish thoughts,

Resigned of my troubled past

And yet scared of the future,

Of life,

Of myself.

I didn’t want to admit then,

To acknowledge,

To let myself wholly feel

the heaviness my heart carried

for so long.

I was defeated by my own self

And thought I could never do anything to change it.

I didn’t believe in second chances at all

Because I wasn’t in some overly cheesy movie

It was such a foreign concept to me.

Perhaps that is why I felt

A pair of curious and piercing eyes staring




Not at me

But through my very own soul.

It was like he had the ability to fix back the pieces

Into the place they belonged

Like a lost game of puzzle

Only that the puzzle was the way to my heart.

He sparkled something in me,

He ignited a long forgotten fire into my soul

Which I didn’t know it even existed anymore

In just a couple of mere seconds.

His intimidating yet captivating aura

Instead of pulling me away from the unknown,

It only pulled me closer and deeper to each other.

It was something I never experienced before





Simply unique.

My head was spinning

My heart was bursting out of my chest

My mind was screaming at me to just run as far as I can,

That I couldn’t stand another one

In my too long series of dissapointments.

The connection and desire were so much stronger though

Putting my heart in charge of my actions and feelings

For once,I felt peaceful with myself.

We were smiling softly at each other and

The world seemed like a happy place again

Still the same burning sensation remained

And deep inside of me,

I wasn’t able to comprehend that

In a sea full of people,

He was the only one brave enough to see me

The real me.
 And suddenly,I didn’t feel alone anymore.

Why you must love yourself at all times

  “Love yourself.” A relatively simple statement,with a hint of advice,which was heard,seen and written by every single one of us at least once.Nothing new until now.However,reflecting on this and even analyzing this quite overrated yet extremely uplifting quote,I began actually thinking about how many out there have the ability to understand it,too?

  Do you truly understand the unspoken power of this statement?

   If someone is telling you this one day,how could you put it in practice if you did not feel and acknowledge it yourself first?

    How could you feel it?

    How could you know the way to forcefully love yourself?

A lot of questions are dancing in my mind at the moment but despite its massive importance into our lives,I must confess love is strongly missunderstood,mistaken or simply unrecognizable at times.This thought saddens me a little,as I’ve come to realize that self love is slowly,but surely slipping away from our minds,souls and bodies.

A lot of people these days have the tendency to run,almost all their lives,to a better,improved and happier life by constantly chasing their “true needs” in order to feed their undeniable and always starving ego.Their ego dictates for them what to do,what to obtain,what to become.Their damn ego damages and eventually,destroys them,piece by piece,without even knowing.Their consent and acceptance is mostly not acknowledged,but felt through their limited actions.People forget to actually love themselves.Perhaps they didn’t ever try it for once.Why?Fear,tragedy,insecurities,personal experiences..I believe I could go on and on.The fact is that even if the causes are endless,so are the results.

But in the end, loving yourself is the best thing you have the power to do.Always.Regardless anything.

Listen to me,it’s not that hard.Actually,it’s not hard at all.Everything that make you deny this belief is just stuck in your head from the wrong perceptions,thoughts and false sayings you heard somewhere,printed into your head and heart and let them drown you effortessly.

Set your body,mind and soul free from negativity.

Every single one of us is put into this world for a reason.We are different,special and unique in our own crazy way.And that’s great.That is,in fact,the real beauty of all.To be unique in your looks,character,mind,heart and soul.

   Nobody is like you.

   You are infinite.Treasure this every second.

So,loving yourself doesn’t seem so damn difficult now,huh?

Let me tell you,the process of loving yourself includes three esential lessons that you must discover and truly understand throughout your journey.I do not count them as steps or something that could lead you thinking as being some sort of a guideline or even an “instructions” book.There is no such thing as that.As I said,everyone is different so their way of learning,growing and realizing things is not the same as yours.

  1You need to learn to accept yourself.

And by yourself ,I mean absolutely everything that defines you.Your body and every flaw that comes with it,your spirit,your bright mind,your beautiful and complicated thoughts,your messy inner feelings,your qualities and defects,as well as your moral values that you stand by and represent who you really are.These are your fingerprints that you left on this world.

Therefore, you have no reason to ever wish you were in another person’s skin or body:a much lighter one,with less freckles,without scars or even no imperfections at all.This bullshit is overrated.And nonexistent.

You are beautiful in your own way and nobody have the right to make you believe otherwise.

You are one of a kind.

I always liked comparing ourselves,humans,to birds flying high in the sky.Whenever I see them being so free,happy,adventurous,full of life and perhaps careless,I smile.Why? Because I know that we ought to be like that,too.We’re supposed to integrate and accept the twisted reality we are living in,forgetting about what we truly want,need or crave.It’s really a shame we don’t see that the only thing we must accept entirely is ourselves.

  2. In order to love yourself deeply,you need to find and value your self worth.

You must respect yourself enough to know that you deserve the very best.Treat yourself properly and say everytime you look at your reflection in the mirror “Today is beautiful.I have the power to do anything.” Empowering yourself is worth it,just like you are.

  Do you ever look up to the stars at night?Like really look up and try to notice their greatness and magic they truly hold? Not many people are able to see the beauty and significance beyond them.Well,you know what,I firmly believe we are like stars.Small,slightly usual at the first sight,but incredibly powerful,magical and unique as you look a little closer.You see? Different yet the same.

Value your authencity and individuality because there’s nothing more beautiful than this.

    3.  Last but not least,be you.Always&forever.

 Don’t change for anything or anyone,dear,unless is for becoming a better version of youself.Be whoever you want to be,do whatever you want to do,love everything that make you feel content and count on your power,knowledge and fierceness through it all.

     Oh,and in the meantime,love yourself more and more every single day.

An introspection through the books I read

2015 is flying by and although a sense of nostalgia and melancholy envelops me in these last days,I am sure that I am about to end a beautiful,inspiring,life changing and important chapter of my own book.I learned a lot,loved a lot,lived fully and loved every second.It surely and completely holds a big part in my heart and soul,because it was,also,the year when I decided I wanted to do more things for myself.I had a strong desire to know me better,to discover my true identity and to find answers to my own complicated and missunderstood questions.So,I read.A lot.From iconic and classics like “Wuthering Heights”to a bunch of psychological and self-development books,which truly made me evolve,spiritually,mentally and emotionally,in a way I couldn’t imagined.

I am grateful for all the memories and I proudly admit that these incredibly poweful books I get to discover piece by piece have expanded my horizons of thinking,feeling and seeing the world I am living in.I realized that nothing,absolutely nothing is impossible if you believe and fight with your whole being for it.The road could be difficult,challenging,unsure,unpredictable,but worth every sacrifice and endeavour.Hope you’ll see this one day.

So,focusing on the books I had the absolute pleasure to read throughout this eventful and bittersweet year,let me tell you some of them which are totally worth reading at least once.Buckle up,they’re not few.Just open your mind and heart.

     “Maitreyi” by Mircea Eliade –Actually,is the first book I’ve started 2015 with.The reason? HighSchool.

Okay,I know what you’re all thinking right now,highschool books are boring,useless and clearly annoying.We do not have much time to read them entirely and the pressure which exists due to a test paper or class listening often gets a hold on us.The perception that have been created nowadays which says that these kind of books are worthless and are given to us mostly to make our lives more miserable is strongly met at everyone my age.I understand it,I sometimes identify with it,but the fact is that it is not always the case.

I discovered in “Maytreyi” a captivating,fascinating,intense and real love story,between two simple people,but whose emerging relationship was always blocked and impended by prejudices,judgements and culture,social and age differences.It all seemed pointless,like their love will never be able to blossom or even be possible.Who would have thought that an English and typical engineer like Alan could have one of the most beautiful women from India like Maytreyi? They didn’t match,had total opposites backgrounds and the world just didn’t was on their side.

The thing that I truly loved was the irony of fate.Their love was born from hate,disgust and repugnance.Crazy to see that the person you believe you’ll never want to have in your life could become an essential part of you and to observe how their resistance towards each other pulled them closer and eventually turned into a consuming,inevitable and everlasting love.

Although the ending was neither clichés nor happy,I knew that their bound could never be broken by anything.Not even by death.

     “Wuthering Heigths” by Emily Bronte -certainly,one of the best and most intriguing books I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.I had heard so many controversial things about it,so many conceptions,theories,thoughts that I knew I had to try it myself and see what my own vision tells me.

Being an iconic book,I highly doubt you didn’t read it by now.For those who don’t though,let me tell you is about an unfinished yet consuming,poweful,dramatic and intense love between two unfortunate lovers, Heatcliff and Catherine Earnshaw.We get to live and envision this one of a kind story from the eyes of Mr. Lockwood,the novel’s narrator.He is also,a witness of the events of the book,because he began his storytelling by moving to Thruscross Grange,a quiet and peaceful place where he met the main characters of his creation.

Both with a wild soul,Catherine,born and raised like a real lady,loses all her senses when she meets Heatcliff.Same as Romeo and Juliet,the two of them end up dying from love,leaving behind a lot of questions and contradictory feelings for the fascinated readers.

The relationship between Heatcliff and Catherine breaks all the barriers of love and mentalities imposed by those times.The exceptional novel easily stands out from the other masterpieces through the weight of suffering and misery that the two partners endure,but especially because their emotions and inner feelings were exposed through fierceness,cruelty,violency and pain.

Their love turned out to be destructive,but totally worth discovering and feeling it with passion.

PS:It’s worth watching the ecranisation of this masterpiece from 1939.It really put me into perspective and I loved it,but not as much as the book itself.

       “The call of the wild” by Jack London -I don’t know if I had a deeper connection with any other book than I had with this one.I read it at least twice  and I loved it more and more everytime.

Firstly,I was stunned by its authenticity,realism and naturalism.As the title subtly suggests,the story is centered on one of the most beautiful forms of love that exists:the one between a dog,Buck and a human,his savior,Jack Thornton.Being an animal lover,I think it’s one of the reasons this book got to me so easily.

From the moment Buck is kidnapped from his lord’s home,he knew his life will never be the same.Living life like a spoiled and well treated dog will no longer exists.

The series of adventures,tragedies and events of Buck’s life after that unfortunate incident made me fell hopelessly in love with this book.Even when he met his savior,Jack who established such a strong and unbreakable bound between the two of them,Buck felt that he couldn’t ignore anymore the wilderness’s calling,finally leaving the civilisation behind.

     “A new life in ten days” by Paul McKenna – An eye-opening book,the first one of self-development and psychological as well that I read this year.I wasn’t dissapointed.It’s so good.

It puts a lot of emphasis on the inner you,on your inner feelings,thoughts and struggles.
It’s a book you won’t regret reading.I can tell you won’t be able to put it down from your hands.

I learned so many precious lessons,I responded to my endless series of questions and I figured out what life is truly about.

One of them,with a significant importance, certainly is how could you be succesful and obtain that sense of fullfiment in your life? Well,in order to become one,you have to believe it with all your being.You have to know you are worth it and you really matter.Also,it is absolutely necessary an inner balance between your body,mind and soul.Success doesn’t exist without feeling truly happy,content and peaceful with yourself.

One of the best lessons I’ve learned so far is that the true wealth of life is the one that comes from the inside,accumulated through pleasant,lovely and priceless experiences with your beloved ones.If you allow your mind,body and soul to feel and be aware of all of them,you’ll made it because you have discovered the total,pure and sincere happiness.Don’t lose it.

You decide how you want to spend your life. 

Besides these wonderful books,I would highly recommend you a few others,including:

  • “10 interesting things about human behaviour” – Suzanne Davis
  • “Always know what to say” – Peter Murphy
  • “Change as opportunity” – Ralph Bruksos
  • “Dress for success” – Jenny Coo-Wu
  • “Karma de fiecare zi” – Carmen Harra. Such a revolutionary book.You will perceive life through another eyes after reading this.Trust me.