I graduated! 

    The last few weeks were eventful, chaotic, full of bittersweet memories, yet the one thing that was on my mind the whole time was the fact that I made it.       I graduated from high school.      Earnestly speaking, I cannot comprehend how or where the time had flew. ItContinue reading ” I graduated! “

The pursuit of happiness

At the end of this challenging,yet indeed rewarding year that flew more quickly than I could comprehend,I choose to reflect upon myself and my most beloved treasures. Looking in retrospective,I believe that this year brought me more than I could ever hoped for.I laughed a lot.I cried.I smiled.I loved deeply.I cared.I won.I learned.I did.I achieved.IContinue reading “The pursuit of happiness”

The power of thank you’s

    Saying that you made it is easy.Saying that you feel content for what you achieved is easier,even if you don’t feel like it for real.Saying that everything is yours to deserve might be the easiest thing to do.However,saying a mere “thank you”,from the bottom of your heart,to the ones who helped you alongContinue reading “The power of thank you’s”

My dear 18

        Last week,I turned 18. Some may assume it is just an usual age that I have to go through,or that I’m just slightly older,yet,in all honesty,I’ve never felt so good.So full of love,joy,strength and elation for what is to come next,for the future which is slowly,but surely shaping into my present.Continue reading “My dear 18”

Why I write?

  Since I stumbled upon “The Everyday Inspiration” course by random these past few days,I decided that it is an ideal opportunity for myself to increase my writing skills and build up my confidence by sharing my stories and seeing where my imagination is going to take me throughout this quite interesting challenge.So,what better wayContinue reading “Why I write?”

The Black Cat,Blue Sea Award

    Recently,I’ve came across one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve seen and read,with so many inspirational and moving posts,which involves so much  talent,passion and dedication that surely left a mark upon many bloggers, myself included.Therefore,to receive a nomination from the lovely Ademola was an absolute pleasure and honor for this award,which is actuallyContinue reading “The Black Cat,Blue Sea Award”

The power of love

Love Oh,you love Though you are written in a single word, You are the only magical thing in which  I always put my faith in. You are a whirlind of emotions,moods and feelings  An everlasting hurricane, Capturing our heart and soul, Endlessly. Happiness, Lust, Confusion, Hope, Swarming butterflies, 4 AM twisted thoughts, Passion, Anxiety, AreContinue reading “The power of love”

The Liebster Award

Recently (okay,not so recently,sorry for the delay,life’s been hectic),I had the absolute surprise to receive a nomination for this award,which made me,besides overly excited,very happy and grateful that someone really considered my thoughts and work worth the recognition. Shamilah,thank you so much!I really appreciate you! You are amazing! However,I couldn’t entirely accept this award withoutContinue reading “The Liebster Award”

5 times Leonardo Di Caprio left us swooning 

         Leonardo Di Caprio is, without a doubt, one of the most humble, talented and successful  actors of all time who is setting the cinematographic standards to higher and higher levels with each role he gets. Movies like “The wolf of the Wall Street”(2013), “The aviator”(2004), “What’s eating Gilbert Grape”(1993), “The Great Gatsby”(2013)Continue reading “5 times Leonardo Di Caprio left us swooning “

Second chances

  I met him On a random day of September When the heavy clouds were crying and screaming forcefully, Matching the pieces of my conflicted heart. They were like trying to express Something, Anything To make their presence known so desperately, To be heard in the stone cold silence Enveloping the world at the momentContinue reading “Second chances”