Living life one step at a time

Yesterday,our “Blogging 101” daily assigment was to comment on at least four blogs that spoke to us or we can relate in some kind of way.Although I connected with a lot of people and found myself in their stories and thoughts,I figured that,as today’s assigment told us to create a post based on one of the best posts I’ve stumbled upon,I should share my own thoughts and inspiration I gain from a pretty powerful and beautiful woman.

Coming across Nancy Roman’s blog which,by the way,you must take a look on because it’s so good and incredibly inspiring,was one of the moments when I realized,once again,why creating a blog myself was the wisest decision ever.I think it has to do a lot with the fact that the power,wisdom,love and pure passion which exist beyond the words,our tool of creation in this virtual world of blogging,blossoming into the posts each of us publish,can touch ,mark,empower,encourage and surprinsingly,change your train of thoughts and beliefs.The undeniable  connection between people from all over  the world I find it quite magical and even fascinating because,let’s face it,we just don’t estabilish a bound with anybody.Even with our neighbors or mutual friends is a hard work mission,which you could admit should have been far easier due to seeing the other person you interact with and discover if she/he “clicks” with who you really are.But,you see,what seems easier in the first place is very often not the answer we’ve been looking or craving for.

I must confess that I was touched and very impressed by a variety of blogs by now,mind my “newbie”status,who have this blog a little over two months,including this one I mentioned earlier above.Why? Because I discovered a couple of precious lessons,written in a funny and accesible approach,even for a 17 years old teenager like me.

Nowadays,I feel like the society we are living in strives so hardly to reach and obtain the so called “perfection” of bodies or faces (whatever that means) instead of evolving and growing spiritually or mentally,in order to truly become stronger,wiser and happier human beings.People tend to deny and refuse with any price their age,considering that being old (whatever age that means for them) will cut their chances of a well lived and valuable life.Whatever stage they find themselves in life,they feel the need to change something at them whether by crappy surgeries,dangerous and mostly unsuccessful  treatments or simply anything that could make them be young forever and ever.

Well,although the idea of living forever sounds more appealing to me rather than having the “perfect” body or face or hair,I  don’t get why don’t you just embrace who you truly are?

You can not be young forever,but you have the power to choose every single day if you want to spend your life like one.

Nancy’s post,called “The old woman I will be”speaks very loud to me and define exactly,from her perspective,that being old doesn’t mean you have to feel like one,that considering yourself chained or traped in some kind of cell,without having the power to do whatever you please or want is strongly mistaken.Age is just a number,it doesn’t define you unless you allow it.Truth is you have all the power in the world to do everything and anything,at any day,at any age,at any moment of your crazy ride called life.I,also,firmly believe that every age is a gift which brings maturity,intelligence,more beauty to your heart and soul,a better level of capacity of understanding and seeing the world we are living in,so we need to cherish and be deeply grateful for every single day.We cannot take it back.

The point is that beauty,happiness and love,the real and most intense ones,could be achieved and felt throughout your whole life.You don’t have to constantly run or chase this stereotypical and overrated perfection because it’s a pure illusion that sadly,our twisted society seems to promote these days.Don’t let you get fooled in some of life’s traps.They’re not what matter or count.
What matters the most is you.


Published by Claudia Sava

22 years. Young spirit. Old soul. Food enthusiast. Art lover. Concerts addicted. Travelling the world, writing and eating ice-cream are some of my greatest pleasures. If I could have a superpower,that would be healing people and animals. Spreading kindness and joy are my favorite things to do. Join me on my own challenging yet beautiful journey of navigating my twenties and all the lessons that come with it.

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